About PhantomSauceTV

Streamer/Voice Actor

  • @rogueassain

    Fucking pogers and legitimately funny. Would be a great addition to any team.

  • @marianne-salems

    Their voice is very nice and I feel like they are someone that you would want to work with. They seem ambitious and nice. I believe people like this would show passion for your project!

  • @VPJ

    Very simple and very fast, the work I needed was done in no longer than a day or 2, I highly recommend others if your looking for a voice, it’s this guy! His voice is perfection especially if your looking for voices to do action scenes, tense scenes, thriller scenes, so one so forth!

  • @natedog1520

    This actor is very reliable and gets things done before you even need them. He's fast, takes multiple shots so you get the right one, and has some good humour 

  • @sky-withered-rose

    Really Funny guy, always does the right amount of takes. Really embodies his character well! Gets his stuff in on time usually before hand in all honesty. I would definitely hire him again for a different project and would recommend you hire him for yours as well!

  • @ross-k

    PS TV is someone I have found myself working alongside many many times over through CCC, and with good cause. Always a good hand, very versatille, and gives some great performances. Very solid addition to any project! 

  • @angel_weeb

    The energy he brings to the table is always high, and with the role he was given for my project, this is definitely not an easy task. He is very likable and his performances are very well done. He never ceases to bring me joy!

  • @dubcentral

    A great voice actor! He has a wide range of voices and is a very funny guy. He's pleasant to work with and has gotten his lines to me quickly. A great member to have part of your cast!

  • @ViraXVaAnime

    Phantom is just amazing. His voice is so much more… it’s pure acting. I feel the emotion he is trying to display, and that shows for voice acting. He definitely has a very bright future. I’m glad he’s apart of my cast in the manga series dub Street Death Tokyo!!

  • @artsytheartist

    Phantom is amazing! He does more than what’s asked of him, and commits himself. Definitely recommend hiring him on a project!

  • @ross-k

    Provided some very useful additional voices for a comical audio tale adapation I was making. Provided quick and clean audio that was easy to implement. Highly recommended. Bash Street Kids in SPORTS DAY

  • @lloydsummers323

    I have worked with Phantom as both a project director and an editor (the latter of which is ongoing). If you cast him in your project, you will not be disappointed. He gives it his all with his performances, has a great work ethic, provides voice lines in a timely manner, and clean crisp audio quality. On top of that, he's a fantastic music arranger. If you need some music, whether that be lo-fi beats or hip-hop arrangements, he's your man. I continue to work alongside Phantom and cannot wait to see what more he does in the future.

  • @Crystal_Lin2000

    Phantom is an awesome Voice Actor. He sends his lines before the deadline and he brings his Character to life. When I'm listening to his lines, it always makes me smile. He has so much passion in his takes and I am very happy I get to work with him.

  • @moonastarreturns

    HOLY WOW THIS GUY'S AMAZING!! His vocal range is phenomenal and his emotions are great!! Like if i'm telling him to yell and what not, it's just perfect! I love this guy platonically and I wish I could be as an amazing voice actor as him! He's an AMAZING help and I'm SOOOO glad he's apart of the team!!

  • @funny_channel_2010

    PhantomSauce is the best, he is a Star! He also plays the role of Malicedan, the main antagonist in my Youtube series, I recommend him for any character that you want!

  • @xaviersims

    I had the pleasure of working with PhantomSauceTV; if you're looking for someone to make your characters sound awesome and hyped up, check him out. He was in my latest lego film The Female Assassin Director's Cut as Wade.

  • @bigjettts1-again

    He is a great voice actor, he is funny, he has a lot of emotion into his delivery, and he is just a swell guy to interact with. I recommend getting this bud into a lot of roles, he deserves it.