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About RedPhoenix15

Sup, dudes and dudettes! My name is Shaquille Hawkins from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. I'm a voice director, producer, video editor, audio engineer, hardcore gamer, manga style artist, voice actor, and a chill back guy who enjoys being around family and close friends. Being a voice-over artist and a voice actor means a lot to me. I learn a lot from auditioning in projects outside of my own. By doing so, I learn more and more about the voice over industry and I hope to gain more experience by being here.

I'm also a professional sports public address announcer with five years of experience.

I have taken three semesters of acting classes, and two semesters of voice-over classes. So I do have some acting and voice-over experiences on me, but my true talent is editing. Throughout the past few years, I've gained knowledge on how to edit audio and video to make them as they see fit. I've also written, produced and directed a project before, too, and it was one that I created with my own hands.

You can find me on Discord and I hope we can get to collaborate with one another; RedPhoenix15#6822

And check out my brand new website which showcases everything I've done. If you're a fan of my work, please share it with others.



Creator, Producer, Voice Director, Script Writer, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor

OC Battles

Creator, Producer, ADR Director, Script Writer, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

The Aselian Journeys

Co-Producer, Voice Director, Script Editor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Fandub)

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor

Emblem Awakening (Fandub): Support Conversations

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer


Her Mask: A Fire Emblem Awakening Story

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor

Bonding Ties: A Fire Emblem Awakening Story

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor

Chrobin: A Fire Emblem Awakening Story

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor

Chrobin (Modern Day): A Fire Emblem Awakening Story

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer


Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

Euphoria: In Pursuit of Happiness

Producer, Voice Director, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Voice Actor


A Longtime Encounter: A Soulcalibur Animation

Creator, Producer, Voice Director, Animator, Script Writer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer

Master and Student's Bond: A Soulcalibur Animation

Creator, Producer, Voice Director, Animator, Script Writer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer

A Sister's Protection: A Fire Emblem Awakening Animation

Producer, Voice Director, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer

Firebending Training: A Fire Emblem Awakening Animation

Producer, Voice Director, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer

Acting Roles

Bond - Shaquille Hawkins

Narrator & Tony Johnson

Cross Tag Battle (Fandub) - Shaquille Hawkins

Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi & Hakumen

Nesia: Legend of Cosieda - Jeffery Hebert


Her Mask: A Fire Emblem Awakening Story - Hakuramen

Male Ylissean Soldier & Male Ylissean Villager

Chrobin: A Fire Emblem Awakening Story - Ticcytx

Lon'qu, Validar, & Brigand Bandit

Ties: A Fire Emblem Awakening Story - KrazehKai


Euphoria: In Pursuit of Happiness - Errol Castillo


IV: Central Fiction (Fandub) - Marquille Hawkins

Relius Clover

In Birth Exe:Late (Fandub) - Sol Strife


V3 (Fandub) - Sol Strife

Ryoma Hoshi

3 FeMC (Fandub) - Sol Strife

Shuji Ikutsuki

X Zone 2 (Fandub) - Brooklyn Dizzy

Chris Redfield

(Fandub) - Sol Strife


The Aselian Journeys - José Cabrera


Chicago State University - 2016

Principal of Announcing

Instructed by Reginald Miles
Chicago State University - 2017

Radio Production

Instructed by Reginald Miles

Price Rates


  • Comic Dubs - $10 ($5+ per minute)

  • Visual Novels - $25 ($5+ per minute)

  • Animations - $50 ($10+ per minute)

  • Video Games - $100

Voice Acting

  • Minor Roles - $10

  • Supporting Roles - $25

  • Lead Roles - $50

  • Words per line - $.50

Video/Audio Editing

  • 30 seconds-1 minute - $5

  • 1-2 minutes - $10

  • 3-5 minutes - $20

  • 5-15 minutes - $25

  • 15-30 minutes - $50

  • 30-45 minutes - $75

  • 45 minutes-1 hour - $100

  • 1 hour+ - $200

  • @deleted73203

    On his channel-- any work done by the character Lady Robin is done by me. Anyways, back to business!
    Where do I even start... Red is a -very- dedicated and passionate producer. Throughout the time I've been working for him, him and his team work extremely well with each other! He's extremely friendly and able to work with his team, and I haven't seen any problems at all! Actually-- it seems like he's made quite the happy community with his current project! Everyone seems to love and enjoy what they're doing. It was an honour to be accepted into his project, and I'm glad I've been able to work for him. If there're any openings, or any future projects he may release, please-- give the auditions a go!
    He's very kind, understanding, and know how's to work with his team. It almost feels like family.
    Thank you, Red, for letting me be a part of this. And I hope I can be a part of many more of your projects! You've been absolutely fantastic.

  • @hannah-rite

    Phoenix makes wonderful projects and does a splendid job editing videos. I am in his Fire Emblem Awakening Supports series as Noire, Say'ri, and Anna. I am also in his Soul Calibur OC Battles series as Nirami Miyazaki and Shizumi Yamada. Overall, he produces quality work in my opinion and has some of the best projects I have ever been in.

  • @daawkwardlauren

    On RedPhoenix's channel, I played Yang Xiao Long from RWBY for his BlazBlue Fandub He is a friendly and a great producer to have! Including the video that's linked below, he's done 7 videos for everyone's victory quotes in just 2 DAYS! That's some dedication. I'm glad to work with him, and if you ever see a project that he's made, you should definitely check it out!

  • @forenza

    An amazing producer. A joy to work with and expedient on making the final product. A lot of producers took a lot of time just with one actor, but he does lightning fast production with the ENTIRE cast (well over a dozen) and doesn't miss a beat. A pleasure to work with and someone I wouldn't mind providing more voice work for the future.

  • @jessicartoons

    Shaq/Phoenix is an absolutely wonderful person to work with! He is the first person to cast me in a role, and I'm glad my first official experience was with someone as kind and hardworking as him. It amazes me how he is able to work on several projects at the same time AND how fast he gets them uploaded. Like, wow. Also, he's very understanding to the crazy thing we call life. If life gets crazy and you let him know, he will wait patiently and occasionally check up to see how things are going. He is also pretty active in his Discord servers, and he's very friendly and respectful to everyone. He is also open with giving and receiving feedback/criticism. If there's something that needs work, he'll let you know, and he's never mean or rude about it.

    Even though I'm still relatively new to CCC, Shaq was able to bring such a warm and inviting welcome. So if he's got a project with some roles to fill, I recommend that you audition for him!

    (I currently provide voices for him in a few of his projects: the new Lady Robin for Fire Emblem: Awakening fandubs, Christina Roberts in his original series Pure Bond, and his original Soul Calibur character, Asuka Koyuki)

  • @emmatalksgames

    RedPhoenix/Shaq is a great director to work with! As the voice of Lissa in his Fire Emblem Awakening support dubs, I'll ask him a question like what supports he wants me to do next and he responds right away, which allows me to practice my lines as soon as I can! He also gives you feedback on your lines shortly after you send them in which is very convenient for me because I can work on my lines as soon as I know what I need to fix. Shaq gets his videos done and uploaded very quickly which is AMAZING!!! He's very patient and understanding if it'll be a while for you to send your lines in. When you get casted and join his discord servers, he's really friendly to everyone there.

    Long story short, Shaq is a great guy, both to work with and in general! Next time you see an open role on one of his projects, audition for it, and see for yourself what a pleasure it is to work with him.

    -EmmaTalksGames (Currently providing voice work as Lissa for RedPhoenix)

  • @gilthielm81

    My first opportunity to work with Red Phoenix was when I auditioned for Azrael, as part of his Blazblue CrossTag fandub series.

    Allow me to say now, if you see him casting for future projects, don't hesitate to audition for him. He is amazing to work with, has an incredible work ethic, and is truly passionate about what he does, both as a producer and as a fellow actor. Even so, this doesn't quite do him justice.

    He doesn't just care about his work; he also cares about everyone else working with him and believe me when I say that this does make a huge difference for everyone involved.

    Thank you for bringing me onboard, Red, and I look forward to hopefully working with you on your next project, whatever and whenever that may be. Check out his work. You won't regret it!

  • @luucarii

    I’ve never been too good with my words but I can say confidently that RedPhoenix15 or Shaq is incredible director who I’ve loved working with. Understanding, patient and with an eye for talent, he knows what he wants to get done and he accomplishes it fantastically. I love working with him and I’m excited for future projects directed by him! Can’t recommend him enough!

  • @bluestar05

    I can say without a doubt, that this person is the one that helped me start this journey. My big twin brother, Shaq aka RedPhoenix15 has started doing stuff like this way before I did. From Pure Bond to Soulcalibur to Fire Emblem. My big brother is a hard worker, a great director, producer, and editor. His work is top-notch and is always done in a timely and fast-paced manner.

    Of course, as time passes, I've learned from him and started working on my own projects. He even played a role in one of my fandub projects. I can't thank him enough for introducing me into this community.

    Folks, I strongly recommend you audition for his projects down the road. Trust me, you'll enjoy it and get amazing results. Keep up the good work, Shaq! Love ya, big bro!

  • @deleted163945

    I cannot express how grateful I am to have worked and continue to work with RedPhoenix. He moves quickly and efficiently through each of his video projects and sets the same expectations for everyone else. He is available to answer any question (no matter how small) you might have regarding his expectations for the content you’re all providing.

    Thank you for being so diligent in your work, and thanks even more for helping me realize a dream much sooner than I ever anticipated.

  • @shadowgaming

    I was cast in one of Shaq's projects and he has been an amazing director! The amount of work he puts into his projects is remarkable and the speed he'll get them out while still having high-quality videos is awesome! He's a nice person to work with and helped me get comfortable with the roles I play for him. He helped me in any way possible and I'm very thankful to have and continue to work with him.

  • @deleted260404

    Phoenix is the first to take me on as a cast member on the platform 'CastingCallClub'. They are professional, timely, and from what I've seen so far; one of the best in terms of getting deadlines out on projects and ultimately getting work done. I highly recommend this individual as both a fellow voice actor and as a project manager.

    They are supportive, interactive, and most importantly; fun to work with. Keep an eye out for this up and coming producer!

  • @puyoproto

    It's been a joy to work with Phoenix on the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle fandub. He's been understanding and patient with people concerning voice lines whenever things come up, and always keeps everyone informed on deadlines, video releases, and scripts. Even more admirable is that he's willing to listen to, and work with ideas and suggestions for character voices, to make a character not just have the right voice, but the right tone and inflection as well. And need I mention the work he puts into editing the videos? He puts so much effort into editing and uploading the videos so soon after receiving the lines he needs, that it's seriously impressive.

    I voice Merkava and Teddie in his fandub for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and I would be happy to work on any of his other projects, whether I jump to audition for them myself, or if he offers me a role. I know that, no matter the case, it would be a blast to work with him.

  • @bella-sapphire

    RedPhoenix15 is an exceptional voiceover talent, producer, and director. His projects are well-organized, allowing a quick turnaround time. Also, he provides great feedback. In his dub of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, I played Orie Ballardiae, a character I was not initially familiar with. However, with Phoenix’s direction, it became one of the most fun characters I’ve played, and was a great experience.

  • @lexielarsen

    RedPhoenix15 or Shaq is one of the most wonderful directors on this platform! I am currently voicing in two of the projects he is directing (Weiss Schnee in his BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Dub and Saki Sumeragi in Pure Bond), and it is clear how professional and serious he is about his work.

    You can ALWAYS count on Shaq to follow through on his projects. I have first hand witnessed this time and time again. He is an extremely dedicated and hardworking person. I am continuously amazed by how fast Shaq is about getting his projects finished. His turn around time is truly unique. I have seen videos go up within hours after giving him my audio. It is incredible. If that doesn't shout dedication, then I don't know what does.

    Shaq is also an extremely kind and respectful person. He always finds ways to better his projects and increase its quality. He is a very loyal director and is very appreciative of his cast. I know that even in his larger projects, he values me and the work I do. He is also very understanding with his actors if they need a break or extension.

    If you ever have the opportunity to work with Shaq, I would highly recommend doing it! His professionalism, dedication, perseverance, and loyalty truly make him a phenomenal director!

  • @silly-serpent

    Shaq is an amazing director to work with, and I'm glad I have the pleasure of providing voice work for him! He gives consistent updates on projects and never leaves anyone in the dark, which is something as a voice actor I really appreciate because it is unfortunately all too often that directors will disappear from a project. He will give professional and straightforward feedback on voice lines, which is another thing I really appreciate as a voice actor! Shaq is an amazing multitasker and is very dedicated to his work. I would definitely recommend working with him, and I can't wait to work with him again!

  • @beeciarati

    Shaq is an astounding director, to say the least. He truly goes above and beyond for his actors. He is one of the most hardworking, kind, professional, and accommodating people I have worked with thus far. He supplies feedback in the most constructive ways possible, and has never made me feel bad for making a mistake! I'm so so glad that I'm able to work with Shaq on his current dub of the Euphoria! manga, and I hope to work with him more in the future!

  • @deleted232640

    Phoenix was amazing to work with! He is a wonderful director and producer who knows the exact direction on how to complete his projects from day one, right after production starts. Not only that, Phoenix has also showcased skills in many areas, as well as strong determination, allowing him to essentially function as a one man army! These skills may range from great directing, being able to mix and produce all the vocal work, to even video editing!

    Skill set aside, Phoenix is also a very supportive and respectful individual! I don't regret auditioning for his project, as working with him was an absolute blast and felt really rewarding! I would fully recommend Phoenix's future projects to anyone looking to work with a great professional, such as Phoenix!

  • @pat-kerley

    There is no sounder man you will find around! As a producer, he handled everything excellently and went above and beyond with handling nearly everything, from editing the project in every way to creating snazzy promotion images for the cast. He always gave us constant updates on how the project was going and that was super appreciative to know how things were coming along and was great at hyping me up with the extra touches he added, such as animating a small scene from the project 'Euphoria' and that amount of dedication is contagious and makes you, in turn, want to give it beyond 100%! He's a hard-working and easy man to get along with, and you can't really ask for much better. He's made my first VA experience on a big project feel exhilarating and I'm so glad I get to work with him!

  • @addessj

    Phoenix/Shaq was awesome to work with! He gave clear instructions and directions and really helped guide me with the project. He worked extremely hard and completed the project in no time which was incredibly impressive. I'd be honoured to work on another project with him any time soon! :)