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About EmmaTalksGames

I'm EmmaTalksGames from YouTube and I enjoy working on projects that have to do with Fire Emblem, but I enjoy other projects too!

For GabaLeth, I'm in "Mario and Peach vs. Link and Zelda" and other videos as Princess Peach, "Looking cool Morgana" and one other video as Lucina, and "The Dogs of Smash Bros. Meet Eachother" and one other video as Isabelle. For RedPheonix15, I provide the voice of Lissa for supports and comic dubs and Young Lucina and Lissa in his production of "Behind Her Mask".

If you want to see all my work, I have a playlist on YouTube that includes every video I've been in for other people.

My hiatus has been partially been lifted to smaller roles/projects for personal reasons.

  • @obsidian-and-barnabus

    Hey, you. You wanna voice-actress with the attitude to get stuff done, as well as the talent to get it done effectively? Well, guess what! You're lookin' at her, Buster! Emma's a fantastic vocal and moderating talent, who is most definitely not to be underestimated, as well as an amiable and friendly person to boot. I recommend her for whatever she sets out to do, and y'better bloody consider her, if she tries for one of your things!

  • @redphoenix15

    This young lady is someone you can truly depend on when things get dicey. Emma has been really productive since joining my Fire Emblem Awakening fandub group. Of all the people I've ever worked with, she's always the first person to get her work done, and at a fast pace of time no less. But at the same time, after hearing my critiques from her work, she gets right back to it as soon as I tell her what she needs to fix and corrects the mistakes she made right away. She's an amazing voice actress. While playing her main role on my group as Lissa, she also played other roles when other cast members were unavailable. Like young Lucina from Hakuramen's "Behind Her Mask", and Maribelle from Ticcy's Chrobin comic.

    Her presence really made me appreciate her talents more and more. I'm very happy to have met this young woman, and I look forward to many more exciting times ahead with her. Take this girl in consideration. You can really depend on her. I surely have.

    Keep up the awesome work, Emma! And thanks for everything.