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About PuyoProto

Hi, I'm Puyo Proto, also just known as Proto. I'm a beginner Voice Actor, and a huge fan of video games. I've been practicing my voice acting for years, and I'm glad to finally have a site where I can audition for others' projects.

Fair warning! While I live in America, I follow the graveyard shift schedule. I'm asleep during the afternoon, and awake during the night and morning. I can schedule being up earlier in the afternoon if need be, however, but generally speaking, midday and afternoon tends to be a no-go for me.

On top of my schedule,  my location in the literal middle of the woods comes with quite possibly one of the worst internet connections imaginable. Live recordings are very unlikely until my ISP actually does its job, or I move somewhere with a better connection. So fair warning. I won't be auditioning for roles that require live recording, but if your casting call states nothing about it, don't expect me to be gung-ho about live chats.