Hi there! My name is Lauren! I'm a voice actress and singer, Nice to meet you! 

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About DaAwkwardLauren

Hello everyone! The name's Lauren, also known as DaAwkwardLauren, and I'm a voice actress/singer!
I've always been in love with cartoons ever since I was little, and I still love them now, including anime. In my life, singing is my passion, but then I discovered voice acting at the age of sixteen and now I would love to be both!
 For five years, I've been working with amazing directors and friends that have helped me be able to do the best I can with voice acting/singing. 
I loved the thought of bringing characters to life with my voice, so that's what I've decided and want to continue doing!
I've only been in a few projects, nothing super professional yet. I'm always happy to try out different and new things in my voice acting/singing journey,
If you ever need someone as a voice actress or a singer, I'm here! Let's help each other out and make something amazing!

  • @kenesukun

    Lauren is very professional and very talented! You will be happy to work with her!