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About BlueStar05

What's good, folks? My name is BlueStar05. I'm a hardcore gamer, an audio/video editor and a voice actor. I'm a relax dude who enjoys being around family and close friends. Becoming a voice actor and voice-over artist is an interesting industry for me. I've learned many things by auditioning in different kinds of projects. It helped me understand how this industry works and hopefully, I'll gain more experience here.

I have taken three semesters of acting classes, so I do have some acting experiences on me, but editing is my best skill. Throughout past few years, I've gained knowledge on how to edit audio and video to make them as they see fit.

Most of the projects I will be doing will mainly be fandubs from some of my favorite video games over the years.

You can also find me on Discord to collaborate and also get to know each other moving forward. BlueStar05#6412.

My Projects

Under Night In-Birth (Fandub)
Director, Producer, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

BlazBlue: Central Fiction (Fandub)
Director, Producer, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! (Fandub)
Director, Producer, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

Fire Emblem Fates (Fandub) - Support Conversations
Director, Producer, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

Voice Acting Roles

Chaos Realm Zero (Arc 1)


The Witch's Curse
Thomas Greyhound

Other Roles

Doki Doki Literature Club

Video Editor & Audio Engineer

  • @deleted73203

    As a member of his casting call team, BlueStar has worked with me through one of two projects so far. He wasn't afraid to speak when something wasn't correct to him, and he was able to offer suggestions professionally and give critiques without seeming like I was looking down upon. I was able to ask questions and work with him until he was given exactly what he envisioned for said project. I've been very excited working with him so far, and I'm excited to work on the next project with him, and hopefully work with him more in the future!

  • @reaperesque

    He has a lively personality and he's very fun to work with! He's also very understanding, and he gives good advice. Very excited for future works with him!

  • @feltheleb

    Blue is an extremely talented director. Not only does he have a great personality, he is driven and hardworking. BlueStar's greatest asset is in his ability to organize. He provides his cast with deadlines, reminders, and production meetings to ensure that his projects are top quality. He has an ear for good voice acting, and is not adverse to critiques and comments. Its been a pleasure to work with him, and you should check out his projects

  • @soulrave

    Having been cast for BlueStar's Undernight fandub, as Gordeau, he was very understanding straight from our first interaction. He took into account my microphone situation, and was very polite about it. After casting, his critiques were very accurate in easing me into the role, and he is very professional in his management and feedback. His production is some of the fastest that I've seen from a director, and the production quality doesn't suffer from it at all. He cares about all of the people he's cast and is very approachable, and is very enjoyable to talk to in team meetings. It has been a pleasure working with BlueStar, and I hope to continue to in the future!

  • @redphoenix15

    What could I possibly say about this guy? Well, for starters, he's my younger twin brother, and we always look out for one another no matter what.

    After I've started working on my own projects, he began following my footsteps, and he has done an outstanding job getting things done his own way. Marq is an awesome video editor, producer, and director. All the contents that I've seen him produced didn't miss a beat. He lead his actors towards the right direction and delivered them all a great experience on his projects. Even I, his older twin brother, lend my own voice for one of his fandubs, and it was great working for my other half.

    If he makes new projects down the road, which he will, I highly recommend y'all audition for them. He will give it everything he got.

    I couldn't be more proud of you, Marq. I look forward to seeing you expand your creativity and continue to show everyone your awesome skills. Love ya, little brother.