Rachel Ridley

Rachel Ridley

Voice actress with a decent range from bright and energetic to deep and sultry, looking for animation and video game work.

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About Rachel Ridley

Thank you for taking the time to view my profile!

My name is Rachel Ridley, but I also go by the username "Beeciarati" or "Bee" for short! I'm a US based voice actress with one and half years of experience. My main focus is character work, specifying in video games, fandubs, and original animations/projects. I prefer to work on a commission basis, but am willing to take on free work to add to my portfolio! You can find my rates below. 

I specialize in mid to high range feminine voices, as well as male child voices. My current audio recording setup* is as follows:

  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 102 (+ Pop filter)

  • Interface: Solid State Logic 2+

  • Software: Adobe Audition, Audacity

  • Recording Space: Sound treated

I am available for live direction through Discord and Zoom. Please contact me via my CCC messages, email, Discord, or Twitter for business inquiries or anything else I can help with!

  • Email: rachelridleyva (a) gmail.com

*Current demo reel does not reflect current audio setup.


  • Sarah Heathcliff - The Mandela Catalogue [Vol. 333 Extension / Website] [Volume 4 -- 1M+ Views]

  • Trucy Wright - Ace Attorney: Shield of Justice --  Team Turnabout https://www.youtube.com/c/TeamTurnabout


Pricing is negotiable, commission based pricing is set at a baseline .25 USD per word.

  • @providencemg

    An extremely hardworking, immensely talented voice actress.
    I loved working with her and she made each project a joy.
    I am honored to say I worked with her.

  • @thatoddcandy

    Bee is, simply put, freaking awesome. Aside from being amazingly talented, she's also extremely witty and pleasant to talk to. Working with Bee has been an absolute joy. Her raw talent and personality combined make her an incredibly valuable resource for any project. I totally recommend working with Bee if you ever get the chance

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    Beeciarati is an incredible voice actor! Her skill set and range elevates each of her performances to the next level. She sets high standards with her voice and acting ability and follows through each and every time. Working alongside her has been an absolute joy. She is respectful, meets deadlines and is always willing to help. I cannot say enough good things about Bee! Her talent is incredible as is her attitude. You won’t regret including her in your project and I will always recommend her!

  • @tfassassin

    Bee is probably one of the sweetest people I've worked with. She doesn't let people believe that they are bad at something and they like to motivate her own partners in a project. She's very talented and you can tell she puts effort and pride into her work and it shines through. She's talented, hard-working and a great person to have a conversation with. I would highly recommend having Bee on any project.

  • @blue-oniji

    Bee was a Amazing voice for Jolyne Kujo. She gave the same amount of sass and chill personality the jolyne shows in the comic and games. Glad to work with you and hopefully we can work together again soon enough.

  • @redphoenix15

    Bee is outstanding. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm. When I first heard her voice for my "Euphoria" manga dub, her audition completely outclassed all the others. In fact, hers was the best of them all, but that's just only the beginning of her potential.

    She provided the voice of the lead female character, Hana Sakuraba, and the moment I received her work, I was ecstatic on how it turned out. Her voice was sweet as a young child and sincere like an angel. Choosing Bee to be my lead actress for "Euphoria" was without a doubt the best move I made because I got to see what she was truly made of and she showed it.

    I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this girl, and to continue working with her moving forward.

  • @wesewesew

    Beeciarati is a brilliant and charismatic actor. She's incredibly fun to work with and brings amazing results to boot! The energy she brings is what you'd wish every actor could bring and more. You'll get lost in conversation with her just off of a single comment, so great to work with.
    I highly recommend bee if you need a tallented and dependable actor, don't miss any chance you get to work with her!