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About JessiCartoons

Hello there! My name is Jessica! I’m a voice actor and artist,  but I’m mainly here for voice acting. Voice acting has been my dream for the longest time, and I’m grateful to finally start that journey. I definitely look forward to meeting new people and getting involved in projects!

Please feel free to check out my website at! I'm also pretty active on Twitter, so please feel free to visit the link on the left as well!


Please DM me for my rates!

What JessiCartoons is looking for

I prioritize paid, original projects! I’m less likely to do unpaid projects, but I won’t mind auditioning if I have the time and I’m really interested. 

For fan projects, I’ll only audition for properties that I’m already a fan of.

  • @bluestar05

    Jessica here has amazing talent as a voice actress. Her journey had only just started and yet she shown me so much skill in such a short period of time.

    Right now, Jessie currently voices Maori Kasuga & Elsa La Conti from the "Arcana Heart" series and Erika Wagner from "Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]". Her acting skills are crisp, clean, and accurate. And she makes sure that her work meet my expectations.

    Ms. Spencer, I'm happy to have you a part of my projects. I'm positive that your skills as a voice actress will continue to grow more. And I look forward to seeing what you got in store next. So thank you and keep up the good work.

  • @jaeden-man89

    Jessie is probably the best Actress I've ever met. She has a very cute voice And is very helpful of lending her voice in my comic dubs.

  • @sir-kingpin-monroe

    Think of all of your childhood voice actress merged into one! Jessie is your girl! She is a fantastic voice actress and I'm very happy to Collab with her in my projects. She is a hard-worker and kind and friendly towards others who have interest in her talents. I'm really looking forward to working with her again. Thank you :)

  • @redphoenix15

    Jessica is without a single doubt the best voice actress that I have ever had the honored of working alongside with both as a director and a voice actor. I was the first person to have recruited her in a project and after what I’ve witnessed from her, Spencer’s amazing skills shows no bounds. She’s also kind, hard-working, well-focused, you name it. And her acting skills are off the charts.

    Her main roles under my wing were Robin from "Fire Emblem Awakening," and Christina Roberts from my original series, "Pure Bond".

    She also voiced my OC, Asuka Koyuki (Soulcalibur OC Battles), Tsubaki Yayoi & Celica A. Mercury (BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Fandub).

    Time and time again, Spencer has shown and proved to me just how talented she really is. I’m very proud of how far she’s come since the day we've met, and I will continue to support her and her dreams all the way through.

    Keep up the outstanding work, Jessica! You're the greatest!

  • @advoadne

    I couldn't be happier to work with Jessica as the voice of Lilith, the lovely and sweet fairy in the demo for my upcoming narrative game "Invisible Wings". She was perfectly able to capture Lilith's innocence, but also her often occurring mood swings with her cute and versatile voice. Her interest and involvement with the project really shows that she cares a lot for the characters she voices as well! I'm really looking forward to work with her again on the full game and other projects in the future!