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About Hannah Rite

Yo! The name's Hannah Rite. What's up? When I grow up, I want to become a voice actress, so I joined to pursue my dream!

Please refer to me as "Hannah".

Contact me on my Discord at Hannah Rite#8577

My wonderful voice director is Inverti Herikawa, otherwise known as Tim, and without him, I wouldn't have greatly improved my voice acting skills!

Favorite voice actors!


Kira Buckland

Erin Fitzgerald

Cristina Vee

Wendee Lee

Misty Lee


Greg Chun

Kaiji Tang

Johnny Yong Bosch

J. Michael Tatum

Bryce Papenbrook

How old are you? I am 21 years old.

May I request you to audition for my project? Absolutely! Just hit me up with a link, and more often than not, I will pop in an audition or two. Or possibly every female character available. It all depends.

What kind of voices can you do? According to previous clients, I am the best at voicing tomboys, energetic characters with a medium low voice, bookworms, serious characters, shy lolis, and magical girl mascots. I could try something different, but it may not be the best.

What kind of microphone do you use? As of June 4, 2018, I have used an AT2020 condenser microphone.

Will you audition for an adults only project? Absolutely! But it really depends on the project. If it's bloody horror, or gross videos, then no.

Can you sing? I guess? That's what other people say.

Can you audition for my Minecraft Roleplay please? No.

  • @aleecassan

    I had fun voicing Delthea on the “Sakura’s Cheesecake” project! Thanks for being so easy going and patient with me! I’m glad your favorite male voice actor, Greg Chun, got to watch it! Sorry I had so much trouble with my sound quality that day, that was such a bummer!

  • @deleted13353

    Easy to work with, reliable, and takes direction really well. Hannah was absolutely fantastic as Ellen! If I were to do any more Pretty Cure projects that feature Ellen in the future, I would, without a doubt, want Hannah to reprise for the role.

  • @kidkira

    Definitely one to look out for. She's very reliable and has a voice that can multitask as well as she can!