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  • @plotline_progenitor

    I recruited ShadowGaming to play a small 7 line role in an audio drama, less than an hour after casting her to the part she'd already recorded and turned in her lines each with several takes. Her reading of the lines was good and there was no need to re-record anything because she got all the right tone and pacing the first time around

    An exceptional voice actor I'm glad to have worked with!

  • @oveqva

    ShadowGaming is an amazing voice actor. They gave each line multiple takes which saved any possible re-dos on lines, and was a great help for me. They were always good about making sure they weren't missing a line or anything. She also was always ready to help get any missing lines (for extras) in a hurry, which let me release everything on time. She's a great addition to any project, and I definitely can recommend her work.

  • @pikamaechu

    ShadowGaming has been nothing but great! She always gets her work in on time, has an amazing talent of voice acting and is always willing to help out when needed for extras. I would defiantly have her in anyone's project.

  • @kul3gaming

    ShadowGaming voiced the role of Sticks the Badger in my upcoming comic dub series on the Archie Sonic Boom comics, she got all of her lines completed and I must say, she's a very talented person. There was never an issue with her lines and she did it pretty quick too. ShadowGaming is a pretty cool person too, I hope to do more stuff with her in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone that she auditions for, she's got a bright future ahead of her, and I can't wait to see her hit big.

  • @ghostlygoat-amimations

    ShadowGaming is a fantastic actor! She always turns in her lines on time and is open to feedback. She is also extremely friendly, respectful, and easy to get along with. The quality of her voice work is amazing; it is obvious that she has experience and takes voice acting seriously. She is an awesome addition to the team; would gladly cast again.

  • @misseljebel

    I cast Shadow as my character Behrukh for a couple projects, one of which is linked below. Shadow is amazing! She is a wonderful voice actress, and is able to express emotions clearly and in an impactful way. Shadow turned her lines in way before the deadline, but her lines didn't seem staged or rushed. She did them amazingly and was able to express the emotions needed! Shadow is very talented, and also very nice! I highly suggest you cast her for your project, you won't regret it!

  • @akarakxm

    One of the fastest VAs I've had the pleasure of working with. She has one of the largest roles in the Power Rangers comic dubs I am working on, but she gets things recorded months in advance.

    10/10 would recommend, and would work with again.

  • @play4loki

    As a voice actor Shadow has done more for my series than others have. She went above and beyond my expectations like turning in her lines literally within hours of me giving them out even though they were due a whole month from then. She also helped me make hard decisions within my series and is a hard worker. I hope whoever sees this recommendation will consider shadow to be apart of their project, because trust me, she is one of a kind and well worth recruiting!

  • @deleted110337

    ShadowGaming is an extremely great voice actress to work with. I’ve had her work with me and my crew for a while now, and I acknowledge that she is a very hard worker. I use her for most of the projects I have as an extra. Every time there is an emergency and I need a few lines recorded right away, she is always the one I can count on. When she is given a task, she gets it done right away. Shadow is just such an amazing person. So polite. So professional. What’s not to love?

  • @sunil-dip

    Shadowgaming did an awesome job for my Batgirl Comic dub playing Mrs,Xavia

  • @cutie-dash

    Shadow played Betty Brant in my Spider-Man show, and I thought she gave a really good performance, if you're looking for a female actress for your projects, I would recommend her for your project.

  • @mystery12

    ShadowGaming was awesome to work with. She was prompt in her delivery and had a thorough understanding of the characters she was reading for. She's versatile as well and was able to do the voices of several characters making each one unique from one another. I couldn't have had anyone better for the roles she filled.

  • @yuyuha45

    She has given me the lines that I've needed on-time with no complications or setbacks. Her line delivery is phenominal and she has fitted the role that I casted her for perfectly, Her audio quality is very crisp as well. She is overall a great voice actor and a pleasure doing business with.

  • @redphoenix15

    Alyssa is a fascinating voice actress. She's cooperative, understandable, and very reliable. When there's something amiss or needs to be done again, she'll handle it right away and deliver her retakes as soon as they were told to her. She has quite a unique voice, too. She can do mid high to medium to mid low range.

    She has shown her talents to me on my Soulcalibur OC Battles project, providing the voices of my lead female character: Asuka Koyuki, and my other OC: Sora Iwasaki. Though, she only just started on my project this month, I can already see some great potential from this girl, and it's only going to get better as time progresses.

    Alyssa, keep doing what you do best.

  • @deleted166691

    ShadowGaming was always hard-working when her character finally appeared for the first time, she sent her lines extremely quickly and I knew she was going to be an amazing voice actor to work with. I was right, even if the project is still in production she is always the first one to deliver her lines with amazing quality and great emotion! I'm thankful that ShadowGaming auditioned for my project, I really recommend to not lose your chance of getting this amazing voice actor in your team. She has a bright future and I can't wait to see it!

  • @spacewiz217

    ShadowGaming is easily one of the most dedicated and hardworking voice actresses I've ever known! It's insane how fast she is able to turn in lines, and they're always top tier quality! It is truly an honor working with her!

  • @thestorypainter

    Shadow is an exceptional voice actor. Her voice fits the needs of many different roles. Her range is beautiful and she portrays emotion with great skill.
    She does a wonderful job in voice over and improv. She sounds natural in her recordings and brings a high level of professionalism to projects.
    She is wonderful to work with as well. Overall, she's truly a great a voice actor and she's worth hiring.

  • @danidotastrid

    As a fellow voice actor, and good friend of Shadow, I can tell that she's commited to the character that she is given. She's determined to give her character's life and action, no matter the situation. Her talent with voices is impecable, and I'd recommend her to any project

  • @stealthobject29

    Shadow is an amazing Va who brings any character I have cast her as to life. She is also very easy to work with and is willing to change up the voice work to fit the scenes better.

  • @firebendingspiderman

    Shadow plays Kate Bishop in the motion comic series I'm currently working on and she is an exceptional performer, with one of the most naturally charismatic vocal presences I've ever worked with. Her instincts for every read are always on point, and she doesn't skimp on options.

    Not only that, but she kind of has absurd (in a good way) turnaround times. She gets her work done really really fast, and that is invaluable to any project. She doesn't just hit and run, either. She's very open to revisiting her submissions and delivering to you any new needs promptly.

    Very talented, incredibly kind, and enthusiastic. She's great. Not casting her would be a mistake!