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About The Walking Dead: Comic Dub



The Walking Dead: Comic Dub is a three year endeavor to create video versions (fully voice acted with an original soundtrack) of all 193 issues of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. Every week for four years, starting mid-2020, one of these issues will be posted on the The Walking Dead: Comic Dub YouTube channel

(Disclaimer: You must by 18+ to audition. This comic has VERY mature content including violence, language, sex, etc. Please make sure you're comfortable with that before auditioning.) 

(Disclaimer 2: This project is not associated with the TV show at all! All the voice, sound, music and other creative choices are based on the material from the comic books alone. Keep this in mind while auditioning.) 

Voice Acting Information 

For those who are cast, a set of six scripts (a volume) will be given at the beginning of every month. They are due at the end of that month. 

HERE IS A LINK TO THE FIRST VOLUME OF SCRIPTS. This is the typical length of the material given out every month. If this is a schedule you don't think you can keep up with, then this probably isn't the project for you. How many months this goes on for obviously depends on how many volumes your character is in.

New roles will be available to audition for every month, so check in regularly! The length of time required to portray these roles (ranging from a month [one volume] to 32 months [all 32 volumes]) will be listed alongside the character.

The whole goal is to keep the people playing the characters consistent throughout the whole series. If you don't think you can turn in your lines on time every month for the number of months listed, please don't apply. Even if the character you portray isn't in the next volume, you will still have lines for that month. For example, the character of Morgan Jones is in the first volume, but then isn't seen all the way until the 6th. This means while everyone is on the 2nd volume. Morgan will be on the 6th. Then when everyone else moves on to the 3rd volume, Morgan will be on the 10th and so on until his part is complete.


This project is going for a gritty, realistic, authentic feeling. Approach the audition as such (basically, not cartoonish).

(Please make sure your audio is sounding nice and professional. That means having a quality microphone, ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO PEAKING/CLIPPING, echo, background noise, or lip smacks. Be sure that you're not too close or too far from the microphone and that when you yell, you really give it your all and don't do any of that "whisper yelling". Y'know, the usual.)

As previously stated, you are NOT impersonating the TV actors, but instead basing your performance on the comic book character alone. 

You DO NOT have to follow the voice suggestions accompanying characters. Use them as a guide if you want to, but feel free to completely ignore them.

(These audition lines are long! If your audio file size is too large to upload, try exporting it as an MP3. Otherwise, send me a message.)

You are encouraged to audition for as many roles as you can! There are parts that will most likely be played by the same person (Ben & Billy), but there are new characters available to try out for every month. So even if you don't get in the first month you try, you can try again for a different role the next month and the next.


If you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions, you are ALWAYS free to message me! I look forward to your auditions.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold