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About Cameron Miller

Join in on the thousands that hear my voice every day!
Cameron Miller: A young voice actor, writer, and producer based just outside of Toronto, Canada.
With my dynamic voice I'll bring an extra layer to your already brilliant project! Please check out some of my samples above!


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Animated Demo

A collection of animated voices suitable for cartoons/anime/games

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Another animated character demo

  • @dawningsun

    I highly recommend Cameron Miller. Cameron was cast as one of the supporting characters in my game, Glass Heart. I was very pleased by his professionalism and his performance. Cameron recorded, finished, and submitted his lines to me long before the posted deadline. He is a very talented voice actor who I hope to work with more in the future.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Cameron is PERFECT for villains, especially ones that have a lot of energy and power. Always willing to "go for broke" in giving the best reading of any line. Seriously, if you ever need a role where the bad guy needs to raise his voice, scream and utter all sorts of battle reactions... Cameron will absolutely go balls-to-the-wall for you. The lungs of most people are made of lilies but his are made of leather - this man can YELL! If you listen to his voice while riding a bike I'm sure you'd win the Tour de France! Would love to work with Cameron again in the future :)

  • @therealtron

    Cameron is a great voice actor, he worked really hard and quickly on a small project of mine and I can't recommend him enough. If you are looking for a talented hardworking va with a lot of range Cameron is your guy.

  • @tylerchristiansen

    Cameron got his work in super fast and gave me a variety of takes to use! Great audio quality as well!

  • @studiohorizon

    Cam is one of the most dynamic, flexible, and professional voiceover artists I've met in a long time. During recording calls he's super professional, not to mention always gets the reads right the first time, and even sometimes contributes ideas on the spot.

    Cam is a very talented VA with a wide range of voice pitches, accents, emotions, and inflections. He'd be a excellent addition to any project you might need VO work in.

    I recommend him wholeheartedly.

  • @hiitsjali

    Cameron did great work. He turned in his lines quickly, took feedback well and has become a great part of our community. He has a wonderful talent for voice over. You won't be sorry if you hire him.

  • @acelister

    Handed in multiple takes on every line, excellent quality and didn't require any redos. Highly recommended.

  • @spacewiz217

    Cameron is insanely dedicated and passionate about his craft! His lines are always packed with emotions and are well-acted. He's such a helpful and wise person too, he's an absolute joy to work with! Cameron is also super talented with a large repertoire of voices, you won't regret casting him.

  • @filmmakerj

    Cam is probably the most professional sounding new voice actors I've met. He performed Dewey for my "DuckTales: ReVoiced" project, and the performance he delivered was so perfect. The right mixture of sound and attitude. Broad range, great pitch control, very clean and treated sound, and no shortage of enthusiasm or willingness to work with you. A talent like Cam's can be both a valuable tool and a powerful weapon. At least that's one way to describe it. lol