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About MeghanMcConnellVA

My name is Meghan McConnell. I am a voice actress and singer from Ohio. I have previous experience in theatre, music, and voice over work.

My voice can be found on various projects, such as videos, animation, and audio projects. My vocal range spans from A2-A6.

If I am to be cast for a project, I promise to take it very seriously. I will submit my work in a quick and efficient manner to the best of my ability and I will take direction very well.


Demos & Samples

Character Demo Reel 2020

My most recent demo reel.

Singing Reel 2021

A reel showcasing my vocal capabilities in the pop, jazz, and musical theatre genres.

  • @orcamorca

    It was such a pleasure to be working with her! She was always very polite and weet to talk to, and she always got her lines done super quickly.
    The Role Mist did for me, was for a quiet shy girl, and she really nailed it home.
    Such a pleasure to be working with!

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Meghan was great to work with. She knew what she was doing and she has a great voice. Would work with her, again. ;)