Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw

Voice & Screen Actor, Music Producer, Writer, Director

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About Matt Shaw

Hey there! I'm Matt! I do a lot of things but primarily for THIS place, I'm an actor and voice actor from and based in Australia. I've been acting since the age of 9 across many short films, workshops, plays and musicals. If you're curious, check out some of the auditions I've done. I'd love to stay in touch.

Studio School of Art - 2014

Studio Art

Instructed by
Karen Leonard Music School - 2014

Private Piano

Instructed by
Centrestage School of Performing Arts - 2015

Musical Theatre & Drama

Instructed by
Aitken College - 2017

Music Industry: Performance

Instructed by
NIDA - 2016

Acting 101

Instructed by
Aitken College - 2017

Music Industry: Technical Production

Instructed by
Victorian College of the Arts - 2018

Foundations Film & TV

Instructed by
SAE Institute Melbourne - 2024

Bachelor of Film

Instructed by


USD: 26 cents a word

AUD: 40 cents a word


USD: $22.80/hr

AUD: $35/hr

What Matt Shaw is looking for

I love voiceover work (as do many here). Ideally I'd find myself privileged enough to read an audio book or participate in a podcast that I can send my family to listen to. I just love the craft. If I can make some money at the same time, then it's a much-appreciated bonus. For music production, I'm secretly searching for a game to write a soundtrack to. Then I'd play the game haha, that'd be a good next step.