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    About The Great Escape: A Fallout Machinima

    Ace Edwards, a young NCR Ranger is sent by the Republic to track down runaway Institute synth with the personality of a prewar civilian, Conrad Jameson, who knows too much about the Institute. The two try to get back to NCR territory while being hunted down by the feared synth Institute bounty hunter, Verne, nicknamed the Iron Hunter by the people who have met him and lived and his killer synth death squad. Along the way they meet a ghoulish Mechanist wannabe named Susan, an insane doctor named Koyo, a gen two super mutant named Rex, two Brotherhood of Steel Star Paladins named Oliver Wright and Sierra Norris, a deathclaw Brotherhood Scribe named Cornelius, a wandering mercenary called Azazel and a famed long lost NCR Ranger named Theodore O'Neill, as the group tries to bring Conrad to the NCR so they can interrogate him for data.

    The series will take place in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Massachusetts, Toronto and of course California. This will be done by using Fallout 4 mods that would emulate the environment that I feel would best suit the other states and cities. Washington in this since the Great War experienced a massive nuclear winter with the biggest city (Seattle) being known as the Iceberg. Oregon is trapped in the middle of the desert that is California and the wintery Washington and has parts that are a desert and parts that are trapped in the winter. Idaho has turned into a raider infested territory where people pillage anything they can get their hands on. Nevada and California are still arid deserts. Toronto is a godforsaken land where only the strong survive and will only be seen in a flashback by Koyo. Massachusetts is pretty much the same but will only be seen for the Enclave/Institute hybrid. The most important characters in the series are actually Ace, Conrad, Sierra, Azazel, Thor and Verne for reasons that will be explained.

    This is the culmination of ten whole years of me being a fan of this series, I've fleshed out the backstory and have been writing the scripts for some time. This was originally going to be live action but... ye. The project will be around 20-27 episodes long and will run for about 5-10 minutes each, there will be several extra episodes to chronicle the stories of the other characters. Each episode may take about 2 weeks to fully put together. Also the voice actor for Verne, Rex and Susan must be loyal as the three characters will appear in a spin-off show called Escort with Verne as a main character and Rex and Susan as cameos.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold