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Starburst Ninja's Previously Completed Works

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    About ʜᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ | Sims 2 VO Casting Call | Open

    Newly orphaned and Heirs to the elaborate estate Hallow Hill, young Kate and Emily have journeyed to the countryside after their last living relative in the city dies. The two girls are placed in the capable hands of a distant cousin, Hugh, who promptly hands them off to their fussy, over protective aunts. Spending the summer in the country house seemed to pass like a dream, which quickly turns into a nightmare, when Kate, the eldest Winslow sister, gets the feeling of being watched. As the days go on, her paranoia increases as she explores the lands surrounding her home and hears of the rumors and stories that are spun about it. She soon meets Marak, a strange creature whose hideous face began to haunt her in her sleep. Kate is convinced that this man is not human, and her suspicions are confirmed when he admits to being a Goblin King.

    Hollow Kingdom is based off the trilogy series of the same name by the author, Clare B. Dunkle. The tale is a delightful twist to myth and folklore in the early 19th century and is not your average 'story-book' tale. While the series will follow along the plot of the first book, minor changes will occur as it is adapted to the Sims 2 animation. 

    1. Audition with a clear mic. I do not mind if you use editing software such as Audacity. 
    2. Turn lines in on time. I plan to take my time with this series and not rush anything, so you should have more than enough time to record your lines.
    3. Use emotion. I would prefer if you record each line a couple of times. Be able to laugh, cry, and scream.
    4. Many of the characters will be listed with a preferred accent. You can still audition for them if you cannot do the accent. The story is set in the English country side in the 1800s so expect dialect from that time.
    5. Not really a requirement, but if you have the time try reading the Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle. It is a great read, and it will help you better understand the characters.

    This is an adaption of a novel series under the same name. The characters portrayed and plot belong to Clare B. Dunkle

    Sometime in January 2018. 

    About the Creator: starburst ninja

    This is where I'm supposed to win you over and make you believe that I'm A-Freaking amazing, with a cool rep for following through with things and finishing projects on time.
    Think again.

    Age: 20

    Occupation: Sales Associate (or cashier) for Video Game Store and a waitress for a popular chain restaurant

    Education: My one year of college located conveniently in the pits of Hell 

    Major declared was Mass Media. Great idea of first, if only I had a Professor who supported a career in said subject, instead of only lecturing on the negative aspects of the media industry.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold