I'm Shykodah-Khi McGrath, a voice actress, writer and director. My true joy comes from bringing characters to life and helping create inspiring projects. Hope we can collaborate soon! <3

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About Vyxenah

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NOTE: Please reach out to me via email or CCC before adding me on Discord. Unless you're a director for a project I've auditioned for, otherwise I will not accept it. ^.^

Hello there! I'm Vyxenah, a 24-year-old Voice Actress hailing from Australia. I've been fortunate to be part of the voice acting scene for 14 years, both in commercial and non-commercial capacities. Beyond voice acting, I find joy in filmmaking, photography, cosplay, and fiction writing. I'm in the process of writing my debut novel, and I've just recently directed an internationally award winning short film.


You can take a peek at some of my previous roles and listen to voice samples over at: www.shykodah-khi.com/voice-over


If you're considering having me lend my voice to your project, I'd be honored to chat. You can message me directly via email or CCC (reach out to me before adding me on Discord. Unless you're a director for a project I've auditioned for, I will not accept it). When you do, just let me know some key details: the project's title, the character, a bit about yourself, and of course, info about the project. Sharing links and images can give me a better picture of what you're aiming for!

  • @sichopsysva

    Iceangeltv is one of the most multi-talented people on the Casting Call Club community and doing absolutely amazing things on the youtube scene. If you ever have the pleasure of working with her, you know why she can't be recommended enough. Her vocal range is unreal, work ethic amazing and overall quality of final acting at an absolute professional level. I hope she continues in the VA community because she's sure to be a big figure to help lead the community to better places.
    -A fellow VA and fan who looks up to her work and chilled out personality,
    ~ S

  • @americamation

    Hello. Can you help voice some characters for my cartoons on my YouTube channel, Americamation?

  • @bassecho

    Vyxenah is an excellent voice actress who is incredibly enjoyable to work with. She has a fun voice which she continues to expand every day! Definitely someone who you would be glad to work with!

  • @pcomstock

    I have worked with Vyxenah on a couple of projects over a few years and am working with her again on another. She is really talented, professional, kind, easy to work with and.... did I say talented? Every time I have worked with her on a project, I am amazed at how great her voice is and how she brings my characters to life. I can't recommend her enough!

  • @nathan_smit

    My friend here has some amazing acting chops, on and off the screen. 

  • @fortshorts

    Highly recommend! She does such a great job as Vi from Arcane for us and even did a great Gwen Stacy too! Such good range and nails the personality of any character she gets! Would love to see her name in big projects in the future!

  • @violentxvirtue

    A thoroughly professional voice actress! Very hands on, determined and ambitious content creator! She will go above and beyond with any and all requests, whilst showing skill to match a veteran voice actor! Amazing to work with as well :) 

  • @PrtyProductive

    Brilliant to edit for, always provides multiple takes with varying deliveries and audio quality is impeccable. Streamlines the process to no end. 

  • @eeveeknight101

    Vyxenah Is an outstanding voice actress! She voice two of my characters MelieRose and Azalea and she absolutely nailed their voices she is kind and super awesome to work with and is on top of everything! so please consider her for any roles she truly is amazing! :) 

  • @skye-redden

    VYX IS THE BEST no ifs, ands, or buts! They have the craziest vocal range, kill every line they do (in multiple, creative, ways!) and are *absurdly* multi-talented. Peak writer, peak voice actor, peak director, peak audio engineer, peak person. I am so insanely blessed to have worked with them, and even more blessed to call them my friend. #TeamVyx5Ever

  • @okemian

    Vyxenah has been wonderful to work with and brought such joy and life to the character of Alexander, they seemed to genuinely connect with the project and the role and made my job so much easier.I truly hope I get to work with them again in the future!