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About Murder Channel - A Danganronpa/Ace Attorney Inspired Series.


Murder Channel is a video series produced by Vyze/NeoDakira and Team MCTV inspired by the Danganronpa and the Ace Attorney franchises, the series is presented as a Visual Novel mixed with elements from both of these games, such as investigating mysterious murder cases and finding out who the true culprit is while also having to live with the charismatic cast of characters the universe has to offer, the series will be divided in different sections, such as Daily Life, Sudden Death and Voting Sessions...

 You might be wondering, how is this any different from Danganronpa? Well, first of all, Murder Channel is not a linear experience, the story will branch off depending on the choices the audience makes, depending on your choices, the story will shift and the surviving characters will vary, it is also possible to revisit these branches later on in the series, and it will be also possible to see each bond and romance between these characters depending on what "ship" the audience prefers...  

Secondly, the series' visuals and mechanics are mixed in with the mechanics of the Ace Attorney series, meaning there are no Class Trials, instead, the characters will have to investigate, discuss and finally be summoned to "Sudden Death" to vote and determine who the culprit really is, the audience will also be able to participate in solving the mystery behind this killing game, giving the characters a better chance at discovering the truth!


We will be following the story of Vincent, a well known prodigy child who was invited to participate in a Reality Show in which international celebrities would be competing for a huge prize in money and fame, hosted in a luxurious resort on a tropical island, the whole deal however flips on it's head when the participants discover that the show is more real and wicked than they think...

Welcome to Murder Channel, a show where twelve famous individuals will be competing for a big prize in cash and eternal fame. In order to survive and win, participants must commit murder and get away with it while also having to deal with the various creative and crazy obstacles that the show has prepared for them, I'm your hostess, TereVi... Ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin! 

(None of the participants were harmed during the filming of this show)


WHAT IS THE CURRENT STATUS ON THE SHOW? : The series has been on a planning and designing phase for a long time, currently we are finishing the main sprites for the show, development is set to begin as soon as these assets are ready, and we're hoping to premier our first episode in 2019.


Team MCTV is the group of people working hard on developing the game! You may also be a part of Team MCTV by applying to any of the roles below this page!


  1. Have a decent quality microphone with little to no background noise [Voice Actors]
  2. Have enough time and patience to deliver what you are asked for in time
  3. Have commitment to the project and not drop out in the middle of production
  4. Have confidentiality in the content that is shared among Team MCTV


Due to a change of course in production, we took the desicion to reboot the casting call and look for people interested in taking part of Team MCTV to develop the now live series of Murder Channel, the project used to be directed towards being a videogame, but the lack of knowledge and resources led us to change course and make an animated show, but don't worry, the project quality and it's ideas will stay the same, this desicion was made for the best so that the project could continue it's course, and we even gave it a whole new style!

Here is a look at the Alpha (V1) desgin of the Murder Channel cast:

Here is how they look now (V3):

We wanted to keep the V3 designs a surprise for now since their base sprites are about halfway complete, updates will keep being posted revealing more and more things about this project!

Note : The show is partially voice acted, meaning the script is mostly reactions, quotes and acting for interrogations and cutscenes... 

Please also take into account that right now, this isn't a paid project, payment may be involved in the future depending on the success of the seires, but right now, we don't have the resources to do so, we're not proffessionals but we're striving to achieve something big, and I hope that your contribution to this project will also help you reach that goal alongside us...

Disclaimer : This show could potentially contain content not suitable for all ages, it involves graphic cartoon violence and profane language...

Feel free to try different styles for the character's voices, and don't be afraid to improv too!

To follow Murder Channel's development and be closer to Team MCTV, please join our Discord Community!

Thank you for your interest in Murder Channel, I hope you are looking forward to this project!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold