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About Zel


Hi there! My name is Hannah M. Colman, but I commonly go by 'Zel' as an online alias.

I am a freelance voice actress and digital artist. I am currently a high school Senior with experience in acting and improvisation. 

I have been voice acting as of March 2018 and doing digital art for over 2 years.

I currently live in west-central Florida and I have been taking acting classes at the Straz Center in Tampa. I also have experience with Technical Theater.

Discord: zel#2061


Patel Conservatory - 2021


Instructed by Sara

4 years of Improv classes


$0.10 per word

  • @twohatjack

    Zel is a very dedicated voice actress who can mould and change her voice to fit almost any character. I personally met her in a project where we are both cast as characters. Since then, we have become good friends and I highly recommend her!

  • @jrpg-zachary

    They've done a lot of really good voice work in the past whether on Danganronpa F: Shattered Hope, Persona 4: What If?, or their own channel.

  • @kgokev

    As a voice actress, zel is quite talented & has a very wide vocal range. Examples can be found in projects such as Danganronpa F: Shattered Hope, Persona 4: What If? as Yukiko Amagi & on her Youtube channel linked to the side. Reliable and dedicated, you can count on her to deliver requested voice work in a top-notch & timely fashion. I earnestly suggest you keep her in mind!

  • @luucarii

    Overall, Zel is a hard worker and a fantastic director for her projects. With incredible range and acting ability, she’s a phenomenal voice actress and she’s only going to continue to improve! And in general, she’s just a kindhearted, fun person to be around! Couldn’t recommend her enough!

  • @hi-im-stel

    Zel is an absolute blessing in more ways than one. Not only did she take on a difficult rush job for our project without even breaking a sweat, but was also quick to respond to feedback and get everything in on time. Not to mention her raw acting talent as well! An absolute joy to work with.