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    About Namco High

    Ladies, gentlemen, voice actors of all ages, welcome to Gennfiction Audio Theatre’s auditions for our dubbing of ShiftyLook’s Namco High.

    Namco High is a Namco-Bandai dating sim directed by Andrew Hussie, of MS Paint Adventures fame. It tells the tale of Cousin, nephew to the King of All Cosmos, as he attempts to survive the dreaded Namco High detention, join a club, and maybe find love along the way.

    Gennfiction Audio Theatre was unable to get written permission from ShiftyLook, as the company was shut down in 2014, and I’m pretty sure that means they aren’t checking their Tumblr's ask box anymore. We considered asking their parent company, Namco-Bandai, but that would likely garner undue attention towards our channel, and we’re not making a profit from this anyways. 

    There are some requirements you’ll need to meet if you’re cast:

    -Your audio quality needs to be pretty good. I’d rather not have background noise disrupting your lines.

    • -You’ll need to get your lines in on time, the earlier the better. Now, the deadline is several months away, but there’s a lot of lines to record, and procrastination may try to get the better of you. 

    • -You’ll need to play through the route(s) your character appears in. These scripts are pretty much copied straight from the game’s files, so some of the subtle (or not so subtle) emotional cues are provided by playing the game and seeing the context and emotions associated with your lines. And also the images. Those help a lot. A copy of the game will be provided to you upon casting.

    Also, scratch tracks are provided for all of the characters in this game. These scratch tracks are performed by myself and Annie Bulthuis, which are meant to serve as examples of what I expect the characters to sound something like. Other interpretations of these characters are more than welcome, however.

    Lastly, auditions are also being held for another project of mine, Final Exam, and that can be found here: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/final-exam

    So, if you think you can tackle these issues, and you’re ready to enroll in the high school dating sim that no one asked for, proceed onwards, as auditions await you.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold