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Hi there! 

I'm Tex (they/them), and I'm a voice actor from the UK who's been at this gig since 2014. During this time, I've been cast in various notable projects such as Man on the Internet's Undertale the Musical, and Studio June's Friendsim 2 Visual Novel. I am also the producer and co-narrator for two of Rosemary A. Johns' book series on Audible: Rebel Academy and the Familiar series. I have also appeared on channels such as Fruzmig (for their rap battles), LemonLight Productions (for their musicals) and Voicing Harmony (as Miu Iruma and various other characters).

If you like what I can do and want me for your own project please feel free to contact me either through here, or through my business email: [redacted]. Please note that I will not audition for your project unless it is something I am very much interested in, only contact me for paid commissions.

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    I'm always kind of nervous when hearing auditions, because no-one has the exact voice I pictured in my head (which is obviously to be expected heh), but theirs was definitely better. They voiced Catra (from She-Ra 2018) and the 13th Doctor (from Doctor Who) in two rap battles, and they were simply great! Their auditions were really good, and when I gave them some corrections, they had no problem doing it again. Also, it surprised me how well they acted, giving the characters much more personality than I had imagined. I could almost see 13 instead of, well, the audio file.