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About Monarch - (re)Casting Call [PAID] - Sims 2 Film

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the casting call for Monarch, a Sims 2 film. My name is Allie, or TheOnlyException, and I'm looking to find a great cast for my film.

If this casting call seems familiar, it's because I created a casting call for Monarch two years ago and I have finally completed the script, but I need to replace some voice actors. This time around, I know the exact payment for each character and have written up contracts to ensure recording and payment fulfillment for both sides.

NOTE: Please only audition for this project if you are willing to sign a contract. You must either be 18 years old or have a legal guardian sign for you in order to agree to the contract.

If you previously auditioned for this project, feel free to audition again. If you are one of the previous voice actors that I am now recasting, you may also audition again as long as you are planning to commit to the project this time around.

I will not be providing feedback for all auditions unless feedback is requested - mostly because paid projects tend to get a lot of auditions and that's a LOT to respond to! If you'd like my comments on your audition, let me know!

Re-auditions are also welcome if you think you could perform better on a second audition!


All payments will be made through PayPal, after lines and any necessary retakes have been turned in. More information can be found in the general contract linked below. Rates vary depending on the characters. Eliza, Arabella, and Atticus have a lot more lines in comparison to the rest of the characters, so their rate is $0.75 per line/sound effect, whereas the remaining supporting characters have rates of $1 per line/sound effect. I've done this so I can afford to pay the actors - since I can't realistically flesh out $617 for one character. If you are uncomfortable with this, then this may not be the project for you. Thank you for understanding.


You can find the general contract that I've written up HERE. Specific information such as payment and deadline will be filled in after I have settled the cast, so I can edit specifics such as the Talent's name and give them a proper amount of time to record.


As the heiress of Antonia, Eliza faces the heavy duty of selecting a suitor in order to continue her bloodline’s rule. Her mother Elaine, doubling as the queen, is determined to keep the kingdom running, especially after her husband and king, Victor, falls ill and bedridden. However, Eliza discovers something within herself - a unique kind of love - that no one will ever approve of. In fact, it could be the one thing to get her killed.


Have a clear microphone. I can be very picky about this, depending on if it can be cleared out or not. Don’t hesitate to audition if your microphone is ‘okay’ quality though, as I will try to clear out the background noise if I can! Even some of the noisiest microphones can be cleared out completely. 

Be able to meet your deadline. I will gladly give an extension if there is an emergency. If you do not meet the deadline outlined in the contract and you have not contacted me in advance, you will be replaced and the contract will be voided.

Show emotion. This is a must. Feel free to tweak the lines if you feel they'll flow better. 

Get into character. Enjoy the person you are playing, and embrace them! This makes portrayal more realistic and may allow you to sympathize with the character’s situation. I also love bloopers though, so it's alright if you goof around now and then.

If you are not cast as a main or supporting character, but are willing to play an unpaid extra role, please specify this in either your audition recording or a comment under your audition.

For this project, I am looking for British accents. For some characters, such as the uneducated slaves (Regina and some of the extras), I would love broken English. If you do not naturally have a British accent but can pull off a convincing accent, feel free to audition.

I also want to try and cast voice actors of color as the POC characters for representational purposes. If you do audition for Regina or the extras, I would appreciate if you would note if you are a person of color. If you are uncomfortable disclosing that information, you do not have to, but it is recommended. If I cannot find a voice actor of color that suits Regina, I will cast a white voice actor, so don't let this discourage you from auditioning.

As for recording lines once you are cast, I am planning on sending the script through email and letting the actors record independently. If you require assistance, I am willing to help with live recordings.

I would also extremely appreciate demo reels! Please inform me if you have one (and where, or link it in a comment), and I will listen to them when I can. Thank you!

I also have a GoFundMe for Monarch if you'd like to help me pay the voice actors! You can find that HERE.

The final project will be posted to my YouTube, found here:

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.” - W. Clement Stone

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold