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About SweetSoubrette

Hiya! Name is Shannon-28 year old theatre, horror geek and larper who wants to do some voice acting!

I have a Shure SM58 Mic and use Audacity.

I am new to voice acting, though have studied performing arts in secondary school, BND in Musical Theatre in college, and have performed in operas and musical theatre productions around my region since 16. 

My voice is often classed as a soubrette (shocker), or light lyric soprano. Precisely my performance range is E3 to D6. 

I respond to Dm's here pretty sharpish, and my Discord is: Soubrettesongbird#3044

  • @highlandcowboy

    Shannon voiced Lara Croft for a custom Tomb Raider mod I'm working on and I was very impressed with her voice work which I received speedily, and was of a professional quality. She portrayed the character of Miss Croft very well and there was no need for any re-recordings. Overall, I found her a very competent and reliable voice actress, and I could not have asked for a better voice over artist to portray Miss Croft.

  • @risiblestudios

    Working with Shannon has been such a joy!
    Such a lovely and talented person who really gave my GTA V project a professional and fun feel to it and will do so again in the future, I'm sure.
    Receiving lines from her is fast, but I also get way more than what was asked, Shannon really goes above and beyond which I can't thank her enough for. I'm super lucky to have this hard working person on board, thank you so much.

  • @elena_trle

    This voice actress has a good young voice, she makes varied records so you can choose that one which fits your character best. I'm very pleased with her voice work, and she does the records fast. If you ever play my Tomb Raider mod then you should know that the employer of main character and also the leader of vampire hunters both voiced by this talented actress. Recommended!

  • @david-a-garcia

    As someone looking for a very specific voice and improv ability, I was more than impressed by SweetSoubrette. She not only fit the character's voice that I had in mind, but was willing and able to embody Sierra Van Burrace in a livestream that lasted quite a few episodes for a channel I was working with. If ever someone is looking for an astounding roleplayer and an even more amazing voice actress, this is the way to go! 10/10 would hire again!

  • @csr-creations

    Such a melodic voice and dedicated individual. She is varied in her talents and has been an absolute joy to work with and to hear her variety. I am still working with her on two different projects, as one of the projects is yet to be finished and the other is yet to be published, but I value her talent and commitment and eagerness to contribute.

  • @brandon-sum

    Shannon has been such a joy to work with & I was happy to have her on board for my new GTA V movie, Walking Tall. A very sweet & talented individual who gave the best performance in the project. I'll be including her in more of my upcoming movies. No doubt about it!

  • @matt-mcgreevy

    Shannon is one of the sweetest voice actors I know, even though I had to ask for her help on my game. She was super kind from the start, and she was willing to help. So much so that she even sent me a long email with advice about advertising my game and stuff. Super helpful and kind. She fit the role perfectly, and even matched the accent that I wanted her to, without even telling her what it was. Her voice is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to work with her again. I can’t thank her enough for the job she did and the help she gave. I hope to see more of her work soon.

  • @casting---studio-ngaire

    Prompt and professional communication and delivery of lines, based on our experience we can recommend SweetSoubrette.