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About Mistletoe - (Fantasy/Drama/Comedy Story)

Another dimension (possibly the one next door) wants to share their best kept secret with us! Ladies, gentlemen and some animals, The Southern Realms present to us their #1 radio show - "The Beloved Voice"! (Sponsored by Caribou Electronics)

Join the beloved Nimrod and his daft assistant Moo for interplanetary poetry recitals, telepathic interviews with a worryingly obese shoe box salesman, a mysterious young boy trapped inside a shed inside a monochrome forest, an intergalactic prison thriller, the award-winning philosophical travel documentary "The Magical Mistletoe Tour" and last but certainly not least: the six century old spell-binding tale of a rivalry between two lovers that sparked a war that engulfed the entire world, in "The Ancient War of the Magi". 

"Perhaps Mistletoe Radio's biggest irony is that it is broadcast from a desert airstrip some three day's walk from the town itself, but don't let that put you off! Because their most popular show "The Beloved Voice" is THE chosen voice of EVERY Mistletuddlian, young AND old! (Sponsored by Caribou Electronics)."
 - 2017, the person who's writing this casting call.

Won't be long now (we're just fixing the kettle), so until then my friends? Dream of sheep.
(Sponsored by Caribou Electronics)

Mistletoe is an original podcast created by me, Ste Holland. It is an eclectic and eccentric mix of drama, fantasy, comedy, adventure and discussion all wrapped up around a radio show known as "The Beloved Voice". There are currently 9 50-minute episodes that I have fully written of what will end up being 13 episodes.
Episode 1 will be completed and released about a month after the character of Moo is cast, as her role is the only thing that needs ticking off for that episode before I begin composing the soundtrack for it. Once you are cast I would like your lines recorded and sent to me in WAV (untouched but without bloopers) within a month please :) 


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold