Demos & Samples

2017 Demo

Short demo reel including a mix of lines used in actual projects and samples I've made for varying purposes. Focus is mainly on Skyrim/Fantasy.

  • @caitlinva

    A positive and productive influence on the multiple projects we've done together, he's a good actor with good quality audio. I enjoy working with him and look forward to doing so again!

  • @nevernotninja

    Having worked on several projects with him, I can say that he's an incredibly friendly and helpful guy. Always prompt with editing and recording, and consistently delivers great performances with audio quality to back it up.

  • @neeher

    Wow, this guy brought the character to life more so than I even thought possible really. Great sounding work sent in, no background noise, many takes to choose from. Top quality stuff! Will definitely have to use him again. Woohoo!

  • @lelcat

    The best Fallout ghoul voice acting available. His ghoul voice is comparable to Bethesda's own.

    The technical quality of the audio is flawless.

  • @naoree

    Very pleasant to work with and very helpful. Profesionnal, nice and talented.

  • @tesfiend

    Having worked with this VA on two separate projects (Dawnstar - The Pale Capital and the Marshlands) where he voiced 3 roles in total for me, he is an extremely versatile voice that brought individual life to 3 very different roles and would love to work with again on future projects

  • @themayor897

    I was so privileged to have circuit on the voice cast of my project.

    His delivery of the lines was very timely, with impeccable quality both technically and vocally. He gave us multiple takes of each line with different emotions and tone since the recording was without live direction - one of the many ways he has gone above and beyond to make our project a success. His advice and contributions to the project have been invaluable and I am so grateful for his talent and hard work.

  • @rosepocky

    I worked with Alex on a university project and he provided outstanding voice work for the team! Communication was easy and he's very lovely to chat to! Highly recommend :D

  • @rabbitt

    Circuit is one of the most talented VAs I have had the honor to work with. Our work together is still ongoing, but all he's done for me so far has been outstanding. He voiced a Skyrim follower for me and it sounds perfect. Not only this, but he has such heart for the project. Even in between doing lines he engages with the community for the character and loves to meme about. Once again, an amazing VA! Work with him if you can, cause if you don't, you're really missing out!