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  • Audio Engineering
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  • Creating Manga and Webcomics
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About Melodious Epiphany | Original Gacha Club Series

About The Project

This is a musical, slice-of-life multimedia franchise consisting of 47 vocalists/musicians. The series covers the experiences of these characters, showcasing their lives on and offstage. This will be a Gacha Club series written in dialogue form, which will be uploaded as a multi-part series of stories to the official Melodious Epiphany YouTube channel and Instagram page @melodious.epiphany. This is a project created for the purpose of entertainment.

Brief Background and Summary : When 16-year-old Kirzten Kataline moves from her sub-urban town in the West Coast to the busy streets of New York City, in hopes of getting recognized in the music industry, she meets these girls who possess immense talent and skill in music throughout her life in the Big Apple. She forms a 7-member vocalist group called Vision and confronts six other vocalist groups along her journey, such as :

Scarlet Oblivion, a prestigious vocalist group who has been an active, fully-formed group since their members were in middle school

Blind Sight, Vision's rival group led by a furious competition seeker and power vocalist

Illusion, an odd fantasy-inspired group with some of the most creative-minded singers

Jubilant Jamboree, An eccentric group who yearns to enlighten the universe with happiness and satisfaction

Luminescence, a vocalist/band group who wants to shake the stage and let their sound reach the audience during their vital performances

And Atlacaeda, an ocean-inspired vocalist group who conveys the message of the undiscovered to the world.

What To Expect

The characters in this franchise are mostly comprised of female characters with a few upcoming male and female supporting characters. The majority of the girls focused in this franchise are in high school (in addition to a few young adult roles), so you must be able to execute a singer's voice that sounds like an individual between the Age Range of 14-19.

You must pour in your best efforts into making your voice fit the character you pick and convey the emotion within the voice, depending on the character's personality and ideal vocal pitch.


You are able to pick any character of your choice that you are willing to voice or obtain a singing role for, from the ones that are open. Upon recording and submitting your auditions for the characters you choose, you should have..

  • Good microphone quality
  • Ability to record lines and send them as an MP3 file
  • Instagram and Discord, as those will be our primary methods of communication.
  • Singing experience highly recommended
  • Respect towards other members of the project upon joining Discord server (That is if you obtain a role)

For Singing Auditions : PLEASE DO NOT pick a song that includes any sort of profane language. This is a family-friendly project, so make sure to keep it rated PG. ^_^


It is recommended that you get them in about a month from now. You can send me a message on any of my social media if you need more time. This will be a flexible project, as I understand how many people may confront interferences such as audio recording issues, alterations in work/school schedules, etc.

About the Creator: euphonicowl

✧・゚: * Hi! My name is Owl*:・゚✧

I’m a female vocalist, voice actress, musician, artist, director, editor, and college junior student.

Singing, Voice Acting, Playing Piano/Guitar/Ukulele, Music Production, Music Composition, Audio/Video Editing, Scriptwriting, Creative Writing, Digital Art, Graphic Design

𝗢𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘀
Analyzing/Listening to Music, Songwriting, Watching YT commentary videos, Making Commentary Videos, Biking, Playing Rhythm Games

I’ve had singing and piano experience since 4 years old, and took many years of lessons and choir, with live experience. I participated in national state Merit Certification piano evaluations in order to promote myself to higher levels of the instrument in the country.
I would create my own songs during my early high school years through piano, voice, and songwriting. I also produce original songs with music production software.
started playing guitar during the beginning of 2020, and I now consider myself an intermediate, but I’m still practicing.
As of now, I sing at a daily basis and continue to work on my vocals/expand my range. I play piano frequently, and I can play and sing simultaneously. Occasionally, I would sing in front of audiences at special events.

I took an advanced theatre class during my junior year of high school, and I was able to acquire acting experience as a result. I significantly admired voice acting, since I had the ability to test my range and voice tones while putting myself in a character’s shoes.
I began voice acting in November of 2018, initially starting off with voicing my OC characters that I would also draw using digital art apps/programs. This was also around the time when I created an OC multimedia franchise (Melodious Epiphany) that involved original music, written dialogues, stories, VA skits, and works of art for all my characters. Resulting from this, I also learned how to mix audio while making the original songs.

Time Zone : Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Singing Voice Types : Contralto, Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano

Singing Experience : 15+ years | Lessons and Choir
Piano Experience : 11 years | Lessons
Music Production Experience : 5 years | Self-Taught
Acting/Voice Acting Experience : 5 years | Stage Acting Experience from Theatre Class, Self-Taught Voice Acting

Vocal Range : C3—G#5—C7 (About 4 Octaves)
C3 - Lowest Note
G#5 - Highest Belting Note (Chest Voice Range)
C7 - Highest Falsetto Note (Head Voice Range)

Voice Acting Types : Child, Preteen, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Talking Animal, Robot, and an Alien too ig.
I can also do a pretty accurate ambulance :D

YouTube : Euphonic Owl (Main), Melodious Epiphany (Project)
Instagram : @euphonicowl
Discord : euphonicowl#2054

✧・゚: * Check out my work! ^_^ *:・゚✧

UPDATE : Due to personal reasons, I’ve decided to limit the amount of auditions I submit. I will still be actively directing for my project, Melodious Epiphany. Other than that, you won’t be seeing many auditions from me for a while.
The ONLY exceptions are :

• If it’s a friend’s project and I’m willing to audition for it
• I’ve shown interest towards the project in any way (This can be because I like the plot, or the work is carried out to my convenience.)

Keep in mind that I’m still studying as a student, so if I do get casted in your project, I’d have to keep myself situated to flexible schedules, in order to balance the workload. I will keep directors updated with my availability.
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