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What EuphonicOwl is looking for

I usually like participating in projects within the music, slice-of-life, comedy, action, mystery, thriller, and suspense genres. I will also audition for singer or composer roles, so if anyone is in need of a vocalist or music producer for their project, feel free to reach out to me. :)

I will NOT join projects that include any form of profane language or NSFW content!

  • @ellecharm

    Euphonicowl is a dedicated, ambitious and persistent individual when it comes to her artistry. Being skilled in art, voice acting, singing and editing, Euphonicowl brings a lot to the table and so much more! Recently, I have had the honor of working alongside her on a project she created called, "Melodious Epiphany". She has had an exceptional impact on me and continuously supports me. If you ever have a chance to work with her, it will be an amazing experience for you. Overall, she is a team player, supportive and exceptionally talented.

  • @deleted531621

    Owl acts out the character and displays wonderful emotions to fit the characters lines. She gave exceptional work and got her lines in on time, she's an AMAZING person to work with and she will do anything to make sure she gets her lines in. If you EVER see Owl audition for your project, definitely consider her.

  • @bruhh13

    I am currently working with Owl in her project along with some other ones as well, she is such an amazing and fun person to work with. she holds awesome karaoke nights and she helps me and everyone else improve with their recordings and shows us how to become a better voice actor. not only that but she has demonstrated her skills in drawing, singing and even making her own music (which is insane T^T) she is someone who you can definitely rely on and you should definitely consider casting! ^^

  • @ellerix

    "Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person, just enough comfort to be themselves." - a t t i c u s or smthn, found it on Pinterest.

    Why did I put that quote there, you may ask. Well, that is because Owl has helped me step out of my comfort zone. Whether she knows it or not, I really appreciate her. :D She has the gift of gab, one might say. Hopefully, someone out there says that, or else I look like a fool. ;-;
    EuphonicOwl is the first director I have worked for, and I am so blessed to have met her! She has made me feel welcome and I love working with her. /3 Owl is a talented individual and a lovely person overall! If she auditions for a project of yours, please consider her. I promise you, she'll be a fun addition to the team. ^-^
    She also likes potatoes πŸ₯”

  • @deleted531621

    Did I already recommend this girl?
    Oh well, doing it again!
    Owl here is a freaking amazing VA. Not only is she that, but she's a really good friend of mine's, and I enjoy every moment we spend together. She's grown so much over the past months, I couldn't been more proud. Ily Owl!!! She's so flexible, can turn in her lines on time, and is willing to help you out in any way possible. Not only that- she's a joy to be around. <3

    So, go cast this amazing VA! She deserves all the recognition she can get.

  • Hi Owl! You're REALLY talented and I can even see that after meeting you just from TODAY! You can do MANY voice tones. And on top of that, You're REALLY NICE! I think your also funny. You deserve to have a trophy for that. You can do AMAZING! You will always have the talent inside you, no matter what the talent is for. Who is a good friend and really talent? (Who, Who?) You of course! This is why your Owl! You are only you and no one can change that. I hope you become really successful and that all your dreams come true. Have a great day,
    Cotton/Kat :D

  • @ellecharm

    πŸ¦‰βš‘I know I already wrote a recommendation before, but I just have to do another. Owl is truly an extraordinary person in her artistry and as a friend. I am unbelievably grateful to have her in my life and she has been super supportive of me in the last few years. Recently, she helped me reach a milestone that I have been longing to do for the last 5 years which is learning the fundamentals of singing. She would constantly challenge me when it came to my own artistry and also was very patient through the process. Owl, I wanna thank you for always motivating and inspiring me to be the best I can be. I am unbelievably proud of you and all your accomplishments. You have come so far and evolved into a remarkable person. Honestly, you made my day and I just wanna thank you so much for continuing to believe in me because ultimately this has probably been one of the best weeks of my life. I can't wait to have so many more fun memories in projects with you in the future. Anyways, please cast her if she auditions for your projects. Owl is someone who will uplift other cast members and make them feel proud about their achievements. She is truly a kind soul, fun to be around and is definitely a character. πŸ¦‰βš‘

  • @merlva

    Owl shows true passion voice acting, she submits voice work that was truly outstanding! She knows how to understand the characters she plays as and form it into her own way for voice acting. Her acting is just hands down amazing. Owl is also my really good friend! She kind hearted funny and talented! Lyly!

  • Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy owl! I'm writing another recommendation! Owl is kind, funny, amazing, smart, and even more words I can't even think of! She's positive and fun to be around and talk to. She helps me find good series' to audition for too! Owl's series seems AWESOME! I will be voicing Rosalyn! She worked really hard on this series. She has characters planned out. She has scripts being made, getting VA's, having music for the series, working on the whole franchise. She's a really hard-worker and stays up in the night like an Owl! I really hope that you'll consider her in your project, or even as a friend. She is everything you need! Please even talk to her. She spreads positivity wherever she goes.
    - Your friend, Kat ^-^

  • @dailypotato_s

    im sorry fir the late and VERY short recc but here owl :> so miss maam- sir- idk- sir,this woman is just- THE LITERAL BOMB, like everything and anything she does is amazing, her singing, her voice acting, her music composing, the literal BOMB, i work with her with some projects and giRl gIrl GIRL- THERES A REASON WHY SHES IN THESE PROJECTS, i dont even helling know how i know her but jeSUs IM THANKFUL, LIKE THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME HER, NOW ANYWAYS CAST CAST CAT. also ty for the recc, i read it when im sad or something BAHAHA

  • @aziaziiaziii

    Owl has been one of the most spectacular and exceptional VAs I have ever worked with. Since first working with her, I have been nothing but amazed with every new thing she introduces to us on the table, which is just an inkling of how brilliant she is not only as a VA/Singer, but even as a music producer and director.

    As a VA, she is NOT afraid to try anything new. Might it be voicing a character way older than what she usually voices, or turning into an ambulance at will, she is very open-minded when it comes to new ideas and projects. Have her voice a frog, and she'll religiously study the voice of a frog until she's able to master it. Have her voice a literal baby, and she'll be done recording after a day. That is how open she is, and as a director, you will NOT be disappointed or frustrated when voicing out ideas or opinions, because Owl is ready to hear and try them.

    As a singer, her voice is that of a literal angel. I cannot emphasize more on how good this lady's singing is. If I could ever swap voices with anybody for a day,Β I'LL TAKE OWL'S VOICE IN A HEARTBEAT. That just shows how exceptional her singing skills are, and once you hear her, you will think the same.

    As a music producer, her ability to experiment and openness to foreign ideas really helps her create music that's fresh and soothing. Any two things that seemingly won't work - she'll make it work. And the end result still sounds terrifyingly beautiful.

    Owl is a very talented VA/Singer, and all of her strong points I provided aren't even enough to emphasize how brilliant this lady is. 15+ years of singing experience, and 5 years of acting experience? She's too good for you to just reject! So if you're thinking of casting her, don't waste any more time and cast her!

  • @zandredadonutqueen

    Ok, if you have been living under a rock and you haven't casted this amazing human being, I have no idea what is wrong with you! I have the honor of working with Owl in Garupa Pico Fandub as well as having the privilege to have them cast as Saki's singing voice and Towa's speaking in my project, D4DJ fandub. I've also been working alongside Owl with some things for her project recently and I can't wait for you all to see! Moral of the story: Cast Owl and make good decisions!Β