"If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to deal with the ordinary."

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About Kaxtlyn

NOTE (3/2023): I HAVE STEPPED DOWN FROM VOICE ACTING REGULARLY AS A HOBBY; ONLY APPROACH ME IF YOU PLAN ON OFFERING A PAID ROLE AS I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO SPARE OTHERWISE. Thank you to all the voice actors and directors that have made this journey so amazing <3 :)

 ..⃗.  Hey there! 𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ
Name's Kaxtlyn, but you can just refer to me as Kax! I'm a Canadian-Asian voice actor who started VA on November 1st 2020, with my best friend Lusaerys! My pronouns are She/They and my timezone's EST!

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..⃗.  VA Details 𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ
I currently specialize and work best with medium and medium-high pitches, though my voice can still range from medium-low to completely lolli voices when needed! I naturally don't have an accent (other than the typical American one), I am working towards a British one as of right now!

I will NOT do any NSFW projects, ever, period. Cursing and heavy topics are fine, as long as I'm warned before casting/when auditioning.

I'd always be willing to accept audition requests, given enough detail and originality! Scroll down for more information!

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..⃗. Socials 𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ
Don't hesitate to contact me, my DMs are always open!

Instagram: @_szkaxtlyn

Discord: Kaxtlyn#2641 (my VA account, message achoo#2893 if you have any emergencies)

Email: k a x t l y n 0 @ g m a i l . c o m

You CAN PM me, but know that I might not respond ASAP!

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✧・゚:*Thanks for reading, have a good day!*:・゚✧


As I still consider voice acting as a hobby right now, I don't charge for my work, so don't worry about any complications in that regard! This might change in the future, however, once I feel like I have enough experience to begin charging.

What Kaxtlyn is looking for

Projects that stand out most to me and I tend to audition for have...
↳ Originality
↳ Commitment 
↳ Clear instructions (I.e. deadline, voice range, personality)
↳ Something that essentially doesn't look like it was put together in 5 minutes LMAO

꒷︶꒦꒷ ♡ ꒷꒦︶꒷

When requesting an audition please include...
↳ Project title & description
↳ Role(s) you wish for me to audition/voice
↳ Voice pitches/ranges
↳ Deadline for auditions
↳ Project length & likelihood of completion

The more information you lack in your request, the less likely I am to accept it. So please, take a few extra minutes to tell me more about your project when messaging me!

Due to my current schedule, I am more likely to accept projects that guarantee a role for me. Don't worry though, I consider every request that comes my way!

I have the complete right to decline any request.

  • @lusaerys

    Kaitlyn is a wonderful voice actor, and an even more amazing person! We took on voice acting together and I am so proud of how much she's grown. She says each line with passion and sincerity, as well as she submits them well ahead of time. She is a fantastic co-worker, not only for that, but also because she's a bright girl who goes out of her way to support anyone and everyone, whether it be one's work, one's personal life, etc. If you're looking for a cooperative, skilled and underrated voice actor, she's the one.

  • @simplyluxly

    AWESOME! I really cannot describe how happy I am right now. First, I have to say, your voice was great! I had no complications with Kaxtlyn and everything went smoothly. Her voice- well how should I describe it- it's soft and I think it's really 'warm', maybe even angelic, lol I'm not amazing with adjectives but for real, I really think you're missing out if you haven't cast her. Her mic quality is good, we had no issues, and her voice is great. Like, how do you not have more people casting you I am so- gobsmacked.

  • @emiriiva

    Kaxtlyn is, let’s see....well, amazing is an understatement. She is spectacular, flawless, astonishing, stunning and more! She always does her very best and puts in a TON of effort into her voice work. She always makes sure it’s of the director’s liking, and she is very open to constructive criticism! Her emotion and tone is flawless, she can portray just about any character. Kaxtlyn is so underrated! She deserves a lot more recognition.
    Cast her, you won’t regret it ^^

  • @akiflower

    Hi! Just wanted to say that Kaxtlyn is such an amazing person in general! Her voice is so nice and her mic quality is amazing! I'm on an upcoming project with Kaxtlyn and she's super cool! Whenever someone feels down, she always comforts them and makes them feel better. Cast her, cast her, cast her. You're missing out if you don't! :D🥖

  • @nixill

    As a friend, fellow voice actress, and person that constantly asks Kait for help (TnT), can i say that her voice is absolutely stunning! I haven't known her for long, but shes literally, and figuratively, been the sunshine to my days and most likely still will be for the days to come. Her voice work is the complete opposite of disappointing! You won't regret casting her! <3

  • @natasha-black

    Kaxtlyn is absolutely amazing. I've cast her in two of my projects now, and her voice is incredible. Her audio quality is very clean and free of background noise, not to mention that her skill level is also rather impressive. It's very clear that she consistently puts forth her best effort, which I truly appreciate. And not only is she an excellent voice actor, but she's also very supportive! If you're considering casting her then I highly recommend it! She won't let you down.

  • @bluenightshadez

    I'm just gonna say it. What a wholesome person. Seriously! Not casting her is such a mistake. She's an amazing time, and a wonderful voice actor. She continuously brings life to cast servers themselves, and the characters she voices. She controls the characters emotions astoundingly well, has amazing mic quality, and is hilarious. I'm gonna follow the recommendation trend here and say CASTTATSTTSTSTTSTSTSTTSTSTTSTST

  • @elodyva

    Can I just say how talented this girl is?? Like seriously the passion and effort she puts in all her lines reflects in how amazing her voice acting is, it's just so hard to describe. I'm sure it says for itself. One thing I'd really like to point out that is so incredibly significant is how supportive Kax is. Kax always makes everyone feel comfortable around her and never fails to make one feel better when they're down. TRUST ME, I was one of them. Kax can be funny and an extremely great friend, but is very supportive and professional as well, overall she is an AMAZING human being and will always be there. Being a fellow cast with this girl is probably one of the best things that's ever happened to me in my whole experience of voice acting, cast her.

  • @jazaxiee

    Hello my peers, it is I, Jaz, ruler of the "ABUSE KAX'S RECOMMENDATION TAB LIKE MAD!" trial, shall we begin? :)
    Lady Kax is definitely one of the most underrated voice actors I have ever met on this platform. Her voice is a blessing to the ears, her personality is a humble joy to the rest, and just being around her is a wonderful experience! >:) Kax and I work together in Wolfstar Gacha's Musical GC Series "Superstar Academy" and she's an honest blast as a teammate! We recently became friends through DMS and I'm just dumbfounded at how blind I was to such a great person! Took me literally 4-5 months to realize that "Hey, Stupid, You're working with THIS ICON!" 4-5 MONTHS! Kax's voice is incredible in so many ways that I lost count of how much she amazes me with that voice work talent of hers. As far as I know, she delivers her lines IN TIME and with a burning passion quality! She'll make every inch of the role the best of it, so please, take some to consider casting this girl. <3 Trust me, if she were to audition for any of my projects, she'll already be on my favorite auditions list, not because of bias, but the talent that shouldn't be overlooked. Love ya Kax!! (also, bless you)

    (Link is to Superstar Academy E1, as this girl voices best girl Joanna!)

  • @_brie_

    Okay… where do I even start? Kaxtlyn is so wonderful as a voice actor and as a person! How do I describe how amazing she is?! Their voice acting is so great and their voice is so so pretty and sounds so incredibly sweet. You can tell that she puts all of her effort into her auditions and lines. Not to mention how sweet, kind, and supportive they are?! Trust me, you won't regret casting her at all!

  • @deleted527807

    Yo, I may not be friends with this literal QWEEN, but I have been on some projects with her. Kax is a VA who put her work from her heart which makes her auditions and lines so AMAZINGGGG. Her voice is really pretty and I adore it! Her expression is just mwah! Her audio quality is clear and is super nice! She is the sweetest person and she compliments me all the time! She is a great VA and consider casting her!

  • @kitsunirayx

    What can I honestly say about Kaxtlyn? She is so incredibly AWESOME, it just Blows. My. Mind. I'm so honoured to be a friend of hers. She is a talented VA, talented director. Emotions are on point? YES. Commitment? YES. In general being worth a cast? YES!!! Please honestly don't hesitate to cast this pog person, you won't regret and you will thank me later. Stay awesome my friend, love you <3

  • @aaronthenew

    Well, what can I say? Kaxtlyn's voice is so smooth and is able to portray different ranges of emotions, from joy to pure sadness. ✨ I would definitely recommend her to those that want to have a VA that is loving, and puts in effort into her lines. ❤️

  • @angel_weeb

    She adapts and retakes her lines with ease, which makes things easier on my half! She is truly a wonder to work with!

  • @akasuki-sasaki

    Kaxtlyn is a wonderful voice actress! She nailed playing the role of one of my characters in my project. She has amazing potential. Hope to work with her again!

  • @mrpearl23

    Kax is nothing short of Phenomenal with her characters lines! I dread the day my project comes to an end simply because she and the other VA`s are so incredibly talented, if you get the chance to work with her, do it!