Hey there! Call me Zora! I love to voice act and sing, I'm strong in enthusiastic and cheery female characters on the higher pitch. Started exploring my strong passion for voice acting 2021 February.

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About Zora_Official

I'm 17 years old and currently in highschool. I love to sing, dance, read, and play piano! For singing, I did two years of choir performances. Currently, I am enrolled in theatre at my highschool and am going to soon audition for advanced theatre. 

In my spare time I like to create content anime impressions of characters like Armin from AOT, Killua from HxH, Genshin Impact characters, etc. 

My Contacts
-Discord: Zora#5872
-My gmail: zoraofficialva

Social Media
Tiktok: zora_seiyu 
Instagram: zora_seiyu

Ongoing Projects
Sophie - Crusade, Minecraft Roleplay Series
Callie Patel - The Psycho Lovers
Maid Mai (back up) - Subzero Comic Fandub
Gilliane VA and Singer - Casting Call for Melodious Epiphany | Original Gacha Club Series

Adrianna VA and Singer - Casting Call for Melodious Epiphany | Original Gacha Club Series

Hiatus Projects 
Hinata Hanabashi - Life or Death: Episode 1
Monika (DDLC) - Poker at the Inventory Z: A Dubbed - Fan Comic Series
Azshara - Warbringers Azshara FANDUB
Madame Ping - Genshin Comic Fan Dub
Melissa - Friends Forever, Minecraft Roleplay Series

Rhea - Into the Sky

Completed Productions
Su (little green character) - Shugo Chara Ice Cream Scene
Profita - "Flour and Coin Webtoon Dub: Ch 1-18"
Tanya - "Our Voice | Tanya von Degurechaff | Humans prefer emotions over logic, irrationalism of humanity"
Zefie - ".hack//Legend of the Twilight (Volume 2, Login 8: A New Resolve)"
Hikaru - "[CLIP] Startwinkle Precure: The Last Transformation"

Demos & Samples

2022 Voicing Rize's Lines: "Messed Up World" from Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul "Messed Up World" 

What Zora_Official is looking for

Video games, visual novels, anime, and comics are of my most prioritized interest to voice over. I value a sense of community and having fun as an important aspect to any project. When entering out of a production, I want to leave feeling more experienced than when I first joined the project. I want to learn what it means to truly act from the soul.  

  • @sinnerwrites

    So to put it in simple words, Zora is amazing at what she does. Whether it's voice acting or singing, I think she's the best at what she does. She's also a really friendly person behind the scenes! If you don't have her on your project, you're missing out. -SinnerWrites