Singing, acting, writing, crying over the fact that I'm still single- you name it, I could (probably) do it!!

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About PinQiy.Qiqiy

The name's Qiqiy ~~

YouTube Channel: PinQiy 

Discord: Pinqiy.Qiqiy#8230

Instagram: _qiqiy.artiste_

I’m a writer, singer, songwriter, video editor, voice actress, a digital and traditional artist while also being an average  teenager! I also attend boarding school, so I’d prefer to get all the CCC work done asap before going back. I’m on Instagram, Discord and YouTube if you’re interested in employing me!

  • @deleted531621

    I gave Qiqiy to portray the character of Tahlia, one of the female protagonists in my series. She can play the character in such a realistic way as if she IS the character. She is so professional but always is kind to each and everyone one of the team and is always ready to help out however she can. If you do end up seeing her audition for ANY of your projects, do yourself a favour and click on edit as project owner on her audition and press CAST, trust me its totally worth it!! :)

  • @zaraytxx

    Hi! I already made a recommendation for this lovely va! But I had to add a link to her wonderfull work! Here is the series so far! I would love to work with you in the future again! And I hope others do to!

  • @bruhh13

    i am here to recommend the one and only qiqiy because not only is she such a great voice actress, she is also super talented in singing. we are currently working together in a series and she is such a fun and caring person to be with. not only that but shes an awesome guide (if you get what i mean qiqiy) i can't wait to see her build her voice acting path. please cast her and do yourself a favor.

    love bruhh13 xx