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hi there, my name is bruhh or as some of you call me "jing". im a voice actress who has had a few months of experience of voice acting. ive met a lot of nice and friendly people in this inclusive community through out my projects and its always been an honour. ive looked up to many different aspiring voice actors and actresses, also apart from just voice acting i can also sing. although it isnt the best im still working on it and will always take feedback for both vocals and my voice acting. my contacts are listed in the following order:

discord: jing#5927 (new)

email: [redacted]

timezone: AEST

thanks for reading! and you can view some projects im in via cast roles as some were casted on discord ^^ if your in a project with me i look forward to working with you!

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  • @jw14

    I know bruhh from discord, and she is always practising her VA lines with me and it truely shows how dedicated she is to it. She can vary her voice tone and she can change how she wants her voice to sound like, not only is that but she is such a kind , loving friend that i am so grateful for her. I really recommend her to you guys!

  • @deleted546475

    wow ur pretty good at Voice acting! Your quality isn’t 100 percent the best, but your really good at emotions and stuff! Good work! Keep it up!

  • @kroke3

    I know bruhh from discord as we met through a friend during a project, shes honestly a really fun person to work with and be around, She practices a lot and her voice impresses me :) You should totally take her into consideration as she is a truly impressive being <3

  • @paisydaisyva

    I may not know her that well, BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! She is such a kind hearted funny person and her voice is so mwah- magnifique. A great fitted voice for nicole honestly, I don't think Merlda our director would have asked for anything better. I can't wait to see your future works bruhh!! :)

  • @euphonicowl

    bruhh is an incredible, talented voice actress to work with and provides excellent work! I’ve had the honor to work with her in one of my projects called “Melodious Epiphany” along with others that we both got casted in. She always makes sure to use the most ideal qualities in her voice to fit the characters she voices. She won’t hesitate to pour in her utmost best efforts into her lines and she’s great at submitting them before the deadlines. bruhh makes huge contributions to the projects she’s in, engaging in frequent discussions to keep the atmosphere within the projects alive, as well as helping out and getting involved in the best way that she can! She is a pleasure to have during events like karaoke nights, and is actually an amazing singer! :D If you’re a director looking for talented individuals or anyone who could help out, you should definitely consider bruhh for your project. You won’t regret any moment with her on your team. :)

  • @ellecharm

    bruhh is a remarkable singer, voice actress and director. I am currently in three projects with her, such as “Melodious Epiphany”, “Aura High'' and “Euphony Singer”. She always gets her lines in on time and does it with exceptional quality. bruhh always makes the environment very inviting, humorous and random. It's hilarious seeing how a conversation between a cast member and her transitions from one topic into a completely unrelated one 😂😂😂. I always have a blast singing “Rain On Me” 🌧 with her during karaoke sessions and she has some really amazing vocals. She was one of the first people in “Melodious Epiphany'' that I interacted with and we have been friends ever since. She really brings out the best in people and is such a wonderful person to work alongside. I hope to be a part of more projects with her in the future. bruhh will definitely give her all in anything she is casted in and shows passion in what she does. Please do yourself a favor and I recommend you cast bruhh for any of your projects! I promise you she'll contribute so much of her time, energy and make the environment very entertaining for everyone.

  • @dailypotato_s

    OK- Hon, if you want an AMaZInG voice actor in your project, CHOOSE THIS GIRL- She's an amazing voice actor and friend as well! ^^ Were work on like 5 projects together? shes an aMaZiNg singer tooo! Ok- but this girl sings to much Ultraluminary, like mee :> anyways I recommend casting Jing, le best friend everrr! (I was bored so i recommended you .,.)

  • @merlva

    quack quack 😤

  • @aziaziiaziii

    If you had to describe the word "crackhead" to someone else, bruhh is the PERFECT PERSON to show them. I had the pleasure to work with this very talented lady in 4 projects, one of which is a project she's a director on, and I will tell you first-hand: bruhh is not only crackheaded, she makes everyone around her crackheaded as well. Now, this isn't a bad thing AT ALL. It just shows how comfortable everyone is around her, despite her being a director in a project. She might not be present all the time, but when she is, oh boy. Expect your servers to become active like it has a thousand members. Her ability to make everyone talk and partake in conversations is unfathomable, and it's one of her most charming points as a voice actor.

    In terms of talents, she is such a talented lady, I'm telling you. She is a GOOD SINGER, even Beyonce is running for her crown. Her ability to voice one person after another is very impressive, as well. Her singing and voicing skills are otherworldly, and if you are a director who happens to stumble upon bruhh's profile, do not even hesitate to cast her. You will NOT regret having her on your project.

  • @lov_elyana

    I would 100% recommend Bruhh for your projects . She is a really talented voice actor and I can literally feel the emotions of the character. She voiced a character named "Elisa " in one of my projects and did an absolute splendid job. It was a pleasure working with her ^^