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About Melody

✧・゚: *✧ About Me ✧*:・゚✧

Hello! I’m Isabella, but you can also call me Melody! I'm a Youtuber with two channels, one gaming and the other lifestyle! My channels are DirectorMelody and Isabella Silva! I’m also a hardworking teenage girl who’s heavily involved in the arts! 🎭. I’ve danced in front of many people, been in many plays, and I also sing a lot in my free time! Along with being a dancer, voice actor, actor, and singer, I’m also a passionate writer (for songs, scripts, novels, etc.), director, music producer, designer, and piano player! 😊 Someday I hope to be a songwriter for Disney, but as of right now you can follow me on my journey where I can explore and develop many of my interests and passions! 🎬🎤

✧・゚: *✧ Basic Information ✧*:・゚✧

Pronouns: She/Her

TimeZone: Eastern Time

Age: 14-16

Age Range: Baby, Child, Teen, Young Adult

Vocal Range: Alto (But I can hit high notes too)

Accents: North American, British, New Jersey, Partly Australian, Partly French

Skills: Acting, Voice Acting, Singing, Dancing, Directing, Producing, Composing, Writing, Songwriting, Writing Musicals, Designing, Graphic Design, Thumbnail Design, Editing Audio & Video, Playing Piano

✧・゚: *✧My Experience & Work ✧*:・゚✧

  • I have a lot of experience in the arts! I’ve taken many classes including acting, dancing, and singing lessons, I’ve been in some plays, and I play piano!

  • As for voice acting, I’ve voice acted in a lot of my own projects including one called “Celest's Guide To Royalty!” You can view the final series here! You can also view other projects I’ve voice acted in, which have gained over 7.5 million views, here!

  • I’ve also written many original songs by myself (20+), and I’ve even written a musical that’s over 120 pages long with original songs and an original soundtrack produced by me! Along with that, I also write scripts for videos for some YouTubers, which have gained over 520k views! You can view all those videos here!

  • I also do digital art and create thumbnails! Here's a link to my Art Portfolio and some of my thumbnail designs: Art Portfolio & Thumbnail Art Link

✧・゚: *✧Contact Information & Socials✧*:・゚✧

Website: Link


CCC: You’re already here!

Discord: Melody#7605

Feel free to contact me anytime for anything or if you would want me to be in a project of yours! You can always message me on CCC and my Discord dm’s are open! 



  • $0.05 Per Word


  • $5.00 Per 1,000 Words

(These are just my set prices, if you're looking to hire me. Though, I am always willing to negotiate! If I audition willingly for an unpaid project, then, by no means do I have to get paid.)

What Melody is looking for

I’m on CCC so I can develop my passions and land new opportunities to work on and do what I love to do! I would love to land more voice acting roles or roles as a writer or composer. I think you should hire me because I have a lot of experience in what I do, I’m kind, and I’m very dedicated to my work! Once I start something, I always finish it. I never miss deadlines, I take pride in my work, and I’m also open to feedback. If I need to redo something, it won’t be a problem! You can also look at my recommendations for additional information about me!


  • @deleted338844

    She is really, really dedicated to any project she takes on. She treats everyone with respect and edits great work. Her writing skills are amazing as well. I would cast her because she is really amazing and really awesome. I am her cousin and I am not just saying this because. I mean every. single. word. If you need a director or writer or actor or singer, cast her because she is very serious about something once she starts!

  • @deleted384442

    Melody is an AMAZING director! She’s friendly, easy-going, and talented! She is not only a director, but also an EXTRAORDINARY voice actor, singer, and writer! If she’s looking for voice actors or auditions for your project, I RECOMMEND you audition for her project or you should DEFINITELY consider casting her!!

  • @emma-cottingham

    Melody is such a wonderful person and director! She was very engaging with the people she casted and gave everyone individual feedback. She was also very understanding when I was unable to get my lines in on time and was so kind and considerate. She basically spread positive vibes all round and is the prime example of an outstanding director! Would definitely work with again! <3

  • @cordellaaureliana

    I helped her with her series, Celest's Guide to Royalty, and she has a fantastic view and an amazing way of wording. She also is a great voice actor as she has shown me her previous works. I would definitely recommend her since she is dedicated to all her work.