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Candyqueen01's Previously Completed Works

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    About Kids in the Dark (Radio Drama) [VAs AND ARTISTS NEEDED!]

    Thank you to all who have auditioned! I have created a full cast. However, it's not too late to join the cast! I still will need extras and artists! If you're a VA who is still interested in the project, check out the extras available. If you're an artist, be sure to DM me in Discord!

    If you were cast in the project and are seeing this, here is the Discord server in which we will communicate most of the time and assignments will be given (I'm not a Gold member of CCC so I can't send messages constantly to all of you ;w;): https://discord.gg/VBwEVDV

    WARNING: This story will be rather gruesome and could be triggering for some people. Topics include child abuse, torture, experimentation, dark environments, demons, death, and a CRUD TON OF SCREAMING! If you're okay with these and are okay with acting in such situations, then proceed. If not, THIS IS NOT THE PROJECT FOR YOU.


    This story takes place in the country of M in an underground facility that is used for the M-1 Mutation Project, although for the sake of brevity it shall just be called "The Bunker." In this Bunker, the government of M, hoping to destroy all magical creatures in the land of World Z, is creating mutations from orphaned children, integrating them with magical blood mixed with chemicals, imbuing them with powerful magic. Their plan to eradicate all creatures and magic is to "fight fire with fire," magic with magic. However, they require the best of the best to complete such a thing. Thus, in the bunker, they force the children to fight tooth and nail to grow in the ranks, and once they believe they have found the best, those few will be given front line spots in M's armed forces, and the rest will be incinerated and destroyed immediately.
    Our main character in this story is Sinnerian, who immediately is set apart from the other children when he is given the most powerful and deadly substance developed by the government: Substance S6. The story will depict his time in the Bunker.

    About the Creator: candyqueen01

    I'm just your everyday fangirl who loves to voice act and sing. I run the channel Queen KitKat on YouTube.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold