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About CarsonNCB

I am a volunteer voice actor, writer, and director. I love helping to make your stories come to life. I have a few years of experience as a voice actor on this website. I've ran a fruitless let's play channel since 2014. Sometimes I even do silly voices, music, and "animation" there. I'm a theater nerd, as well as a confident stage performer. I've sang at Carnegie Hall. I'm an average singer/songwriter and filmmaker and I just love being creative.

Contact me if you are willing to put in the effort. I will do my best for you if you do.

My voice acting portfolio:

Currently an art school student

Twitter: @CarsonNCB

Discord: CarsonNCB

  • @ageekybear

    A great voice actor to work with, will get the job done and also is open to retaking recordings and eager for direction. I would recommend strongly.

  • @deleted447391

    Worked with this guy for almost a year now, he's a great friend and on top of that a great voice actor. He has a great microphone, shows emotion in recordings and he's overall a awesome guy!

  • @zaxtrem

    Awesome person and an awesome VA! I had my original VA quit from the project and this guy stepped up for the challenge of voicing the character on short notice! The lines were turned in on time, always, and with great quality at that. Also wasn't scared of doing zombie growls, etc. Which is a really nice thing, helped me a lot by doing that! Overall a great person and very fun to talk to, you won't regret if you have this guy on your project!

  • @mini-mint

    I worked with CarsonNCB for a little over a year producing a comic dub and I can say without a doubt that he is an amazing person to work with and an awesome VA. Not only did he provide exactly the voice I needed for the character being portrayed but he also delivered lines on time and came across as an awesome guy when just talking to him in the projects discord server. Definitely, an awesome person who I wouldn't mind working with again!

  • @tyree_jacobs

    Carson is an excellent voice actor and a very reliable team player. He provides outstanding performances in his voiceovers and has helped with additional roles when given the opportunity.