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Shaka Azule Raheem

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About Shaka Azule Raheem

Solo creator who's starved for university theater, acting, and enterprising opportunities in a small town enough that he remains a renegade Thespian without as much experience of group projects as they'd like. 

Capable of filling a number of rolls including acting, video editing,  and supplemental writing. 

Discord @ Shakacien#4866
Proof of previous video work
((All filming/editing & upload done between a Thursday and a Saturday) Granted a relatively sleepless Thursday)

Also receiving money at
Both lobbying donations and official payments receivable there.

  • @ynstbih

    Mr. Raheem is great to work with.
    These words are not chosen lightly.
    He has brought so much to the table with his work that I was obligated to fundamentally change one of the characters I created. That character is now just as much his creation as it is mine.
    Rarely does someone preform so quickly, with perfect inflections.
    In the small period of time I have worked with him, I realize that the bar has been raised for all other voice actors and that that bar may not be met by them.
    Great for lead and supporting roles!

    10/10 would work with again.

  • @ohwhataboi

    Shaka is one of those guys who will sacrifice his own sleep schedule to get you exactly what you want, in the short time that ive known him he has made a massive impact on my work, I almost feel like making a new project just so that I can work with him again, not only did he deliver everything I needed super fast, he did it just as I had imagined, he will make you laugh as well. I am so pleased that he decided to audition for my project, as soon as I heard his audition I knew I had to have him and then after listening to his demos I knew that he would be a breeze to work with, I definitely recommend this guy.

  • @chefra2

    I hired Shaka to voice the narrator in a videogame project I was casting and he did and AMAZING JOB!!! I couldn't have found anyone better. It was a 10/10 performance. He had over 500 lines and got them to me at an unbelievably short amount of time. I honestly don't know how he did it. He also has great audio quality and really brought the story to life and added the perfect amount of emotion to the lines. I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again.