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About Huntylicious

Dutch person, have had a love for games, movies and animation for as long as I can remember.

Dream thing to voice act one day is an AI or something of those likes, maybe some big baddie. I'd really like to do voices for RTS units, I take a lot of drive from C&C games. I take joy out of improv a lot, as well as being given liberty with voices or characters.

Take great inspiration from the Halo series and Command & Conquer since those two have had great voice actors in all regards, as well as humour where possible. 

I take good inspiration from the Total War games, too.

I do this to get better and, I hope, one day reach professional levels.

Always looking to learn more techniques or voices, don't be afraid to reach out.

The main reason for not having listen ''Ages'' or ''Accents'' under my attributes is because I look to fulfill roles' requirements -- ones that are interesting to me -- to the best of my abilities, regardless of age.

What Huntylicious is looking for

RTS games/units, narration, bad guys. I like voicing the guy you shoot at, the big baddie that's at the end of a dungeon and falls after the player's heroic victory.

I've done extensive work for -- a very pleasant experience!

I've done several bad guys for in their Agents of The Frontier series.

Currently also cast for a few hush-hush projects!

  • @first-aid-spray

    Huntylicious was very communicative and prompt in the casting process and the delivery of lines, which is always wonderful. His reading was very well paced and I'll have to next to no editing with it. I look forward to hearing it alongside some music when I use it for the show. Thank you!

  • @killyourbabydoll

    Huntylicious was and continues to be a timely and fun VA. His voice was tailored to his role and brings it to life better than I could've imagined. There's so much character in his crisp lines, so much so that I'm angry at myself for not recommending him earlier.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Really great person to work with. Very friendly, quick to respond to any issues or comments. Sends lines really quickly and puts a lot of emotions to his roles. Great guy to go especially if you need some RTS unit lines! = ) Would recommend a million times to anybody!

  • @flatlight-productions

    I have worked with Hunty for quite some time now, he's a great voice actor not to mention his communication stands above the competition.

    In my most recent project, Red Alert 2, Hunty voiced a variety of different units with different accents and he did them perfectly. He listened to my directions well and I will continue to work with him a whole lot more in the future.

  • @fairtimeia

    You want someone with talent, someone with range. Someone reliable who not only takes direction, but brings his own flair to each part - uniquely. Well, congratulations, you've found him. Huntylicious has done numerous parts for our machinima, and each is distinguished in every sense of the word. Don't delay in casting him.