Please enjoy the rest of your lives and I'll see you all at the apocalypse 😇 

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About counterzero

Hello there! Pleased to make your acquaintance~

My name is Zero and I am an aspiring voice actor. I hope you enjoy my auditions!

  • @fanofalotofthings_va

    Counterzero is a wonderful talent to observe. I enjoy listening to his auditions because they are funny, enjoyable, and well made. He has a great voice for any type of character from anime protagonist to supportive friend to angsty antagonist. I am certain that this guy will make his way into many fun projects. Also, he has great taste in art. I mean, just- just look at his profile picture. ITS SO CUUUTE. Anyways, I genuinely recommend this voice actor if you are in need of some help with a series. 

  • @revereelement

    I worked with Counterzero on multiple projects he is timely with his responses, incredibly cordial and professional. He has a stunning voice that simply speaks for itself, and his acting is excellent at displaying emotions. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Counterzero on my various projects. I highly recommend this voice actor for his phenomenal voice, outstanding professionalism, and work ethic.