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About Interlunium 4koma Fandub Project!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in this casting call.

If you are not sure what Interlunium is, they are an online net idol group of eleven members that create their own original music. Currently they have two singles released; Level Up! & their debut Intergalactic Disco. You can learn more about them and see their 4komas on their Fan Wikia. 4komas are short comics strips that give an insight on the girls' personalities and what they do. 

Fans have been given permission by the artists to fandub the 4komas, which is the purpose of Interluniverse☽ (the name of the fandub group.) I may or may not be self-casting; that will entirely depend on how many auditions I receive, so all roles for the girls are open. I have been managing for a little over a year now (see completed projects), and I believe I'm ready to take on another project! That being said, I'm planning for this to be a full-time group and not just one 4koma fandub.

Here are some guidelines for auditioning:

1. Mic Quality

Now, this is a bit of an iffy subject for me. Your microphone doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive, just please have minimal to no background noises; as much as we love your mother/fan in the background, you're the one who's auditioning!

2. Availability/Commitment

It would be really great to keep the same cast instead of having to go back through the audition process again. Make sure you have enough time on your hands to take on another project! I understand personal issues do arise and that's okay, but you will have to let me know beforehand so we can figure things out.

3. Audio Editing

If you edit your audio before sending it to the mixer, please do that in your audition as well; I would like to get a sense of what the mixer receives so that there won't be any confusion. 

4. Critiques

Please ask the auditioner if they would like feedback on their VA before giving it to them. 

Note: There is a distinct line between dissing/putting down someone and giving them constructive criticism, and I will not tolerate that kind of behavior. 

5. Links

If you have a Youtube channel with content, please feel free to link it into your audition. 

6. Have Fun!

This is the most important rule! Voice acting is fun, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. Give it your all and show me whatcha got! 


Q: I am unable to staff, will that affect my chances of being cast?

A: Nope! Although being staff would be extremely helpful, I'm just searching for the right voices for each of the characters. 

Q: I'm on vacation until *insert date here* and won't get back until the deadline has passed; will there be a chance to audition a little after?

A: Again, that entirely depends on the amount of auditions I receive. The deadline may be pushed back and may not be. However, if it is not there's no guarantee I will allow you to audition a bit after.

Q: I would love to audition but I have a busy life. What will the schedule be like?

A: We'll upload 1-2 4komas a month at the most and they will be worked on simultaneously with different staff members and VAs, and some voice actors may only be featured once every few months. Although, I will not have a VA work on two projects at once, so rest assured.

Q: Will you be casting before the deadline?

A: No.

Q: What will be our main communication platform?

A: Discord! So please have an account ready to go. 

Q: Is there a chance that this group may cover Interlunium's singles?

A: It depends entirely on whether the whole cast would like to or not, though the idea is not a bad one. Moreover, if you'd like to include a small clip of your singing, go ahead!

Q: Is it okay if I audition for more than one character? What if I have an accent?

Having an accent is okay! And yes, you may audition for more than one character; it is encouraged.

That is all! Again, thank you for your interest and I hope to listen to your audition in the near future.

Credit to Arucelli for the art in the profile pictures, and Swakoo(Saku) for the group art.

All backstories are my summaries of the background information found on the Interlunium fan wiki.

Pastel Project & Ume profile pictures from Interlunium Fan Wiki.

About the Creator: ricecake

Hello there. On public servers I use the name "ricecake" (funny backstory as to why), while in groups or just private chats in general I often go by Thana. I mainly sing, preferably in Japanese, for Love Live! groups or collabs. I speak English fluently and sing in Japanese; I can voice-act in English but not in Japanese. 

I do this purely for my enjoyment and to meet others that share the same passion as me. Large groups with 10+ members do tend to overwhelm me, so I may not speak or interact with members of that chat. However, do not feel afraid to approach me if you'd like me to participate in a cover or group; I will most likely accept. The animes I'll sing for are Love Live! and Aikatsu Stars. 

I've been a Youtaite for about a year now and have been singing in the Love Live! community since June 4th, 2017. I manage and sing in Bittersweet Dreamers & Mochi. I love both groups and its members to death. <3

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold