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welcome to my page : )

My name is Lex, and I'm a vocalist, voice actress, lyricist and author!

Currently, I'm most interested in comic dub / audio dramas (particularly for DC, Marvel or Transformers) and any music-related projects. For business inquiries, please reach out to me via one of my social medias provided below, or dm me for my email/Discord. I look forward to working with you!!

YouTube: lexc

Twitter: @lexcva

What lexc is looking for

no gacha life / sims / minecraft please :)

  • @stringstorm

    She has an AMAZING pair of lungs! There's pretty much nothing else to say other than she has amazing an amazing voice and control over it. Really REALLY fast turn around as well. At one moment, I would send her an email, and not an hour has passed, she already has the things I need from her and done so in an exceptional way that I didn't even need to ask for revisions!

    Basically put: You need a vocalist, she's your go-to. You simply can't go wrong with her.

  • @studio-code-blank

    Project Broken Openings 1,2, and 3:

    Lex works fast and not to mention is a great singer, able to do re shoots quickly. She follows the instructions and responds quickly to messages. Cast her if you want someone who is quick at work, great at singing, responds often, and is respectful too!