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    About Green Lantern Audio Drama

    Come One! Come All! Hear my casting call...or well read it.
    Hi, my name is Ian Harrington but I go by Sydpart2 on most sites. I'm working to put together an audio drama centered around the Green Lantern universe. I'm a big Green Lantern fan and have done a few projects with voice actors in the past that have seen a fair amount of success, see for yourselves: (This even got shared online by Geoff Johns the comic writer that revitalized the character and universe.)

    So the obvious question is what's this project? Well back in the 80's comics writer Alan Moore created a Green Lantern named Rot Lop Fan. This audio drama is written by me and focuses on Rot Lop Fan as the main character. The reason this will be done as an audio drama is because Rot Lop Fan is blind. He comes from a region in space without any stars and as such his species never developed the ability to see. After his first appearance in the comics no one has ever done anything with the character. He's shown up in the background of different comics and even appeared in the 2011 movie but has never had a story all his own again. Part of why is because he creates sound with his ring, which is very difficult to visualize in any substantial way. So I think the perfect place for a story following him is an audio drama.

    The script is finished and ready to cast. Anyone that would like to is welcome to read it here:

    I'll be accepting auditions until March 31st. I can be contacted on Skype (Sydpart2 on there) if you'd like to do immediate feedback for auditions.

    A brief plot synopsis: Rot Lop Fan comes across a space ship in danger and is only able to rescue it by the skin of his teeth. This causes him to doubt whether he belongs in the corps. He decides to resign, but the Guardians talk him into staying on briefly while they discuss his reason for quitting. In the meantime he's assigned to help a group of refugees adjust to temporarily living on Oa. They are known as the Brillar and are fleeing genocide from another species they live on the same planet as. In a bold move this enemy species attacks Oa and uses a device to blind the Green Lantern corps. Being the only one who isn't effected Rot Lop Fan has to battle the invading fleet and save the corps, Oa, and the refugees.

    Ok so let's get to a few general notes that kind of apply across the board for all parts. I'm an avid Scifi watcher and so some of the conventions we see in a lot of stuff stands out to me and I would like to try and subvert those. One major convention is to just use an existing "earth" accent for an alien race. The British accent pops up a lot for example. So that being said if you're able, feel free to experiment with doing accents that aren't immediately placeable. This is by no means a requirement but just something general to consider when crafting a voice for any given character. I don't want it to come off as forced or annoying but if it's doable then please go for it.

    Please give two or three reads on each line when submitting auditions. My sound designer will be playing around with different auditions to get a sense of what effects to add to characters so I'd like to have a lot of material for him to work with.

    The final general note I have is again about subversion. There are aliens in this, I would like for them to sound alien. As much through performance as possible, but my sound designer will be playing with vocal tracks and adjusting them to try and get us there too. However this is still meant to be enjoyable to listen to on it's own. I really want to strike a balance between being unique and interesting but still be listenable. So on any of the notes for how I would like characters to sound please keep in mind that with audio there is a fine line between unique and annoying. If you don't feel you can make a character sound a certain way without compromising the performance then please focus on performance first. I'm not
    drawing any hard lines on the odd stuff here.

    Now finally let's get into the casting part. Parts are listed in order of total amount of lines. The higher up on the list of characters you audition for the more work you'll have. Please feel free to audition for multiple roles. Even if you only think you've a voice for one character please consider auditioning for other parts since something you're doing might work for those. Given the number of random background extras anyone who gives a serious audition can be guaranteed a small part as one of the voices in the background at the very least.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold