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About DanteDav1s

Hey my name is Daniel Lantos aka Fonix00 aka DanteDav1s. I started in 2015 and it became one of my favourite hobbies.

I am passionate about my work and try to deliver the best quality recordings in the shortest amount of time. 

I operate a YT channel where i am a content creator also i can edit video and sound too.

Demos & Samples

2017 Demo

From my auditions

  • @thekikkakibaz

    Delivers the lines within the deadline, gets inside the character really well, makes important suggestions and he is a nice and friendly guy

  • @renichan

    After participating in various projects together, I have finally made one of my own. He was the first person that came to my mind when casting people. He never misses the deadlines, he has excellent observations and suggestions, and nevertheless, he's a really talented voice actor!! Not to mention, that he's a fun person to talk to, with a great personality.
    Would I work with him again? ANYTIME!

  • @sizebox-growth-animator

    When one of my voice actors recommended someone I hadn't met, I wasn't too confident to begin with. Now, however, I completely see why he was recommended to me in the first place. He's done a fantastic job for me and delivered corrections very speedily, as well as providing very talented voice work! If his voice suits your work, I'd highly recommend working with him!

  • @hadas-rose

    He did a good job on the tertiary role of "Gazel Ministry" in my Xenogears project and delivered the lines quickly! Thank you for helping out!