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Beginners Masterclass

Learn to power up like a Super Saiyan

Starts July 15. Seats limited.

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About Final Smash! (Smash Bros) A Fandub Series of Yayster's comics

Vox Dubs is expanding! From Fire Emblem to Super Smash Brothers!
This is a casting call for a series of comic dubs of Yayster's Final Smash! series, a collection of beautifully drawn and cleverly written family-friendly comics based on Super Smash Bros. and other Nintendo franchises! The whole series can be read here!

This casting call is to cast the first season of my dub series, which will be published weekly on my Youtube channel. The first season is planned to have nearly 20 individual comic dubs altogether.

The episodes slated for this season are*:

A Hollow Victory
Bad Luck Jigglypuff
Behind The Mask
Birds of a Feather Flop Together
Early Bird
Everybody Loves Bayonetta
Food For Thought
Forever A Clone
Good to Be Banned
Horsing Around
In a Jam
A K Rool Twist of Fate
Series Swap: FE X Starfox
Straight Talking
The Farce Awakens
The Origin of Super Smash Bros.
Worlds of Possibilities

Good audio quality (clear, quality, and with no pops) with minimal background noise. I will not always have music to cover up any disruptive noise caught in your recordings from your cat whaling in the living-room. Recommended microphones are Blue Yeti or better.

I need to have a way to easily communicate with each actor. I run project servers on Discord, so that is my #1 preferred communication method because it allows me to communicate with everyone at the same time. However, if recording files are too large, I will need email communication as well.

Timely delivery. I give adequate time (usually 2-3 weeks depending on role) for you to record lines. If there is a hiccup and you need more time, I will need to know prior to the deadline (not last second) so I can adjust the schedule to allot you more time if absolutely necessary. Failure to do so resorts me to having to find replacements (which neither of us will want to have happen!) and possibly a messed up publishing schedule.

Voice accuracy/comedic acting. I would like to get as close as possible to the official voices heard in the Smash Bros games (unless otherwise noted), since they are very famous and recognizable characters. However, acting and comedic timing play a huge importance, so I will be weighing all values here.

Commitment. If you wish to audition, you must be committed to the roles you will be cast as. Most of the roles only have so many lines and appear in only so many comics. But the likes of Mario and Capt. Falcon appear repeatedly across this series. Commitment is expected for Lead and Supporting roles, but Minor and Extra roles are important too!

Multiple takes: To increase my confidence in your acting ability, I would like at least 2 takes of each line in your audition(s), but no more than 3. Preferably with varying delivery or voice range.

Q and A:

How long are the scripts?

Each character only has a couple lines per comic. But across the entire series, the character with the most amount of lines is Captain Falcon with 23 lines. So every other character has less than that across the entire series, not just Season one.

How long do we have to record?

Most of the roles will have 2-3 weeks to record lines. Some roles may have about a week to deliver at least the first comic's worth of lines to kickstart the project.

Where are these dubs being published?

On my Youtube Channel, which has been publishing content weekly since late December, mostly consisting of Comic Dubs based on Fire Emblem.

Some characters are not listed here that are in the comics listed above. Where are they?

For consistency, some characters have been cast to voice actors I have worked with before that have voiced said characters for me in other projects, or the roles are minor and I have pre-cast them to trusted members of my team, or I am voicing them myself.

Note: I may audition for some characters here and have members of my team help to cast said character(s).

Good luck to everyone in auditions!

The Final Smash! Project Team
Braeden Gilliss (Voxridian): Founder, Director, Editor
FishyFried: Scheduler, Co-Manager, Assistant Casting Director
Ethan Gilliss (Ethan Artist): General Assistant, Assistant Casting Director
Yayster: Comic Series Creator


* subject to change

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold