About TrevZed

Hi there! I am Trevor Bennett, otherwise known as TrevZed online. I've been in the online VA space for about 5 years now with a few Steam games and miscellaneous projects under my belt but I'm aspiring to climb into the industry one step at a time.

My voice acting story starts like many others, admiring my favorite actors and trying to use that inspiration and passion to form my own voice. As the years went on, those impressions grew as I practiced them more and more and that's when I started to focus on the other side of voice acting...the acting part. Something every VA will tell you is that the key to voice acting isn't doing the voice of the character, it's becoming the character. Emotions, infliction, spirit, delivery, etc.. Make your character feel alive. As I learn these new sides and aspects of the profession I can see my growth as a voice actor and that above all else makes me the happiest.


My full history can be found here!

  • @cosmiccosmo

    TrevZedd’s acting is all spot on, and his audio is crisp and clean as well. Perfect quality! He's got such a nice soothing cool guy voice, fitting of him haha, and he uses it well in his voice acting! Trev's worked with me as a fellow VA, has provided voice work for me, and is just a nice friend of mine in general. 100% Will definitely keep him on my go-to list of VAs!

  • @8edhead

    Trev has a smooth, cool voice and perfect audio quality, and he's already incredibly talented to boot. I've worked with him in multiple projects, and I've received work from him in my own as well! His acting is top notch and his voice fits a wide range of characters, he could really be anything lol. He's dependable, kind, and a wonderful friend!

  • @mokaui

    Such a sweet and amazingly talented guy!! Trev is definitely someone to turn to when you’re looking for someone with a wide skillset, and I had the pleasure to witness it when either voicing in the same project as him or being apart of a project he directs! He has such an impressive range in his voices, and honestly can fit just about any character.

  • @dyphinoide

    I do not know how to describe Trev without sounding like I'm over exaggerating or writing a hallmark movie pitch. By far the most genuine and kind hearted human being I've ever met in my life.

    Not only is his voice acting studio quality both in terms of sound quality and emotion, but his personality is so charming you just can't help but love when he's around.

    His list of abilities go on for pages. He'll make some of the best graphic design work in an instant like "hey, I just randomly made this", he'll make movie-quality level works of voice acting, he can edit together a masterpiece before you finish a conversation.

    Honestly, I don't know whether or not I want to talk more about his delightful personality or his superb abilities as a voice actor and creator. Both are so unbelievable, you wonder why he hasn't already made his mark on the VA world on the level of the highest echelons of content creation. If I had it my way, Trev would be the face of the voice acting world. I can guarantee with all certainty it is only a matter of time before he makes it big so you better scoop up your opportunity to work with such an amazing actor before he's a household name.

    I simply cannot describe how great of a friend he is or how talented of a human being he is in a single recommendation, all I can do is hope you trust me that Trev will be the most talented, kind and genuine person you'll ever have the pleasure of working with or being able to call your friend.

  • @paxtonlee

    Trev is likely the person who I have worked with on the most projects in my career, whether they actually completed or not. The point is, I've worked with this guy for years by now. He'd been at it for a bit when I first started, and as such, was one of the people I would always listen to in order to pick up ways to improve myself. Trev has a very wide range, though I've noticed that his voice's raw weight and forcefulness make him especially great at nailing the lower, smoother, and more powerful voices. If you need someone to send chills down your spine, contact this guy.