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    About EDAN


    "EDAN" is a narrative-driven thriller being developed inside Dreams, a creation tool similar to Unity and Unreal, but its emphasis is to make it feel effortless and easy-to-use. 

    This is a casting call for a video game, which has been a passion project, and I feel now is the time to share the story, and its characters, with others, and I need your help! Below is a synopsis of the story:


    "EDAN" is a narrative-driven thriller set in the Eastern European country of the titular 'EDAN', which has been locked away from the rest for the world. Every aspect of Edan has been controlled by the Odessa Family who, for over 200 years, has become a Dictatorship that has long since manipulated and controlled Edan, and its people, essentially brain-washing the population to worship this family as gods -- but it soon turns out godhood and the Odessa's inextinguishable appetite for power, sees the latest Odessa wiping out the entire population of Edan -- over the course of three days, Edan is seized by an army known as The Providance, who reduce Edan's population down in one fell swoop -- and yet, kidnapping children and young adults, for reasons unknown.

    The story has duel-protagonists / deuteragonists: one follows a young teenage girl called Eva Kovec who, over the course of those three days, finds herself on the run from the Providance as she traverses a country on the brink of collapse as she searches for her big sister, Lisah, after becoming separated from her.

    Lisah's storyline focuses on her trying her best to reunite with Eva and over the course of the story, finds information that could potentially change Edan, and its people, forever.


    If you are wanting a more in depth analysis into the story and the characters, you can check out a document that I created called EDAN | Casting Call.


    + Age 18+ only: 

    The nature of the dialogue and the themes are mature.

    + A clear microphone with as little background noise as possible:

    1. Please make sure that your audio is as clear as possible and that there is no background noise -- this will be a dealbreaker, unfortunately. Also, please use the same microphone during the process.

    2. Moreover, do not worry about editing the audio, I can do that on my end! Please send your audio files in raw -- so no noise removal, compression, etc, just as it is :)

    + No slating please 

    + Communication should be done primarily done through DISCORD (orangepixeljuice#3225)

    + A PayPal account will be the main way of payment.

    1. The payment for the project is "per project" -- but specifically what this means is that the dialogue will be given to the voice actor in batches, as not to overwhelm them, and me! Therefore, "per project" means "per batch" :) hope this clears it up a little! 

    + I highly encourage people of all race, gender and sexuality to apply!

    + HAVE FUN! 

    + We're thinking the accents should be natural Eastern European accent for the characters, but we're totally open to anything so long as they are natural and genuine!

    About the Creator: orangepixeljuice

    Hello, my name is Rhys and I am the solo developer of EDAN. Outside this, I work in the games industry and have a passion for writing :)