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About Jodi Hansen

Hi there! I am a voice actor located in Florida. When I was a child, I would make my own movies based on my favorite books, and record myself voicing my favorite cartoons. I LOVE voice acting and have worked on a number of video games, audio dramas, and animated projects. I also have years of experience in theater and film. When I am not behind the mic, I enjoy playing video games and snuggling with my three extra fluffy cats.

  • @orangepixeljuice

    Jodi helped bring a character of mine, Miroslava, to life for my video game project, EDAN. She absolutely nailed it, and her range was incredible. The experience was so positive for the both of us. I highly recommend her, and you can take my word that she excels in anything she's given. Definitely one of the nicest, loveliest people and an underrated gem! :)

  • @vita_stories

    I had an excellent time working with Jodi for my project. She was very professional and communicative during all of our correspondences, and she deeply understood how to internalize the role that I assigned her. She has an outstanding voice with great emotional range, and she delivered my recording much faster than expected! I highly recommend Jodi as an amazing voice actress.

  • @meredithnudo

    Jodi and I both performed in the game Fngs fr th mmrs and the experience was fantastic. Thanks to her theatre background, Jodi has an incredible knack for immediately glomming onto the provided directions while putting her own thoughtful spin on the material. She also possesses a keen ear and eye for variety, capable of interpreting the scripts and characters she's been given with multiple interpretations, each one distinct from the other. I continue to be impressed by her boundless creativity and insight. 

    Hopefully we will have an opportunity to work together again in the near future. 

  • @randyvirdenvo

    Jodi was great to work with. Easy to direct, flexible, and a great actor. My only regret is not having a bigger role to give her. I hope to cast her again many times in the future.

  • @FavreMySabre

    Great voice and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

  • @thatfoolishone

    Jodi was very kind to work with and very professional. I adore her voice acting and would absolutely recommend her for any project and would be happy to work with her again.