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About Sirion

Hello, I am a voice actress from Germany, specialising in narration as well as portraying characters.
My goal is to interpret stories and roles with emotional depth.

My native language is German. I speak English fluently and have also learned some Swedish, French and Spanish.

Please feel free to contact me here or on Discord (_sirion), if you have any questions.



  • @carabyte

    Sirion performed in a minor role for my audio drama. She is very talented and I really enjoyed working with her. She delivered her lines in a very timely manner and really brought her role to life. Couldn't recommend her more.

  • @deleted296738

    Sirion has auditioned for some of my projects and she has a lot of talent! I feel certain in the future that I will have a project in mind just for her. And since Carabyte wrote of her, I intend to check out his project so I can hear her role in it!