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About ExplicitCensor

Hey, there! My online handle and pseudonym is ExplicitCensor! Welcome to my page! I have been doing Voice Over for about 2 years and have recently gone pro. Aside from my love of Music, Art, Cinematography, Animation, and Videogames, I'm just a weird chick born in the 90's. 

Here is a little list about my experience and skills:

_-Skills and Proficiencies-_

• Skills in Refurbishing Broken Equipment

• Proficient in Google Docs, Windows Suite, and ThinkFree Suite

• 10+ Years of Hand Sewing, Knitting, Crochet

• Skills in Wood Carving and Set Design

• Designed Costumes for Theater Mock Fight Scenes

• Have worked as a Freelance Sound Technician for 3 years (Experienced with In-Booth and On Set)

• Skills in Foley, ADR, and Audio Cleaning

• Worked in VFX for a brief time as a Modeler, Compositor, and Animator

• Project Management

• Done some small modeling

• Have done Simple Stunt Work

• Being a badass


• Fluent English

• Basic Japanese

• Basic Spanish

• Beginner Italian

• Beginner Portuguese

• Beginner Mandarin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explicitcensor/?hl=en

Tumblr: http://explicitcensor.tumblr.com

Not Providing Animations At This Time

Also producing private & personal projects. Will look into casting soon.


SFW Dubbing:

•  Amount per Word: 10¢-25¢ (Depending on if voicing multiple roles)

• Amount per Line: $1-$5 (Depending on the length of the project and if voicing multiple roles)

• Amount per Recoded Hour: $20-$35 (Depending on if NDA or Contracts are applicable)

NSFW Work : 

•$125< for Soft-Core

•$250< for Hard-Core

•$400< for Non-Con

(Also dependant on length of work, licensing/royalty agreements, and NDA contacts)

(What counts as NSFW? Any project that is considered extremely graphic that should not be accessed by minors. Moaning, Grunts, and Breathing are not NSFW by my definition. Specific explicit dialogue or visuals are NSFW. If you have any inquiries, please contact me privately. I would like to keep my page below NC-17.)

Extremely open to Passion Projects that need assistance with their initial launch.

CG or Visual Art Production

• Amount per Character Sheet and Turn Around Guide: $20 (Includes Cel or Soft Cel Shading if requested)

• Amount per Prop Sheet: $10-$35 (Depends on the intricacy of the prop)

• Concept Art and Storyboarding: $10-$40 per sheet (depending on details needed)

• Key Framing per Hour: $20-$35 

  • @deleted514713

    ExplicitCensor was a delight to work with, remaining professional and promptly delivering what was needed despite the explicit material required. The audio was clear and well-paced making editing painless.

  • @sweetteas

    This individual was quite professional and very polite. it has been great working with them! they follow instructions well and offer revisions promptly should there need be. I am thankful to have them apart of my project and hope to get to work with them again in the future. I definitely recommend them for others projects. This is a diamond tier voice actor.

  • @flappetap

    Explicit is an amazingly talented artist and friend that works efficiently and always gives her A-Game. She provided me with multiple choices of quality voice lines that gave my final product some extra spice!

  • @hecticvexor

    Explicit and I are currently working in Danganronpa: Grad School together, and you'll never find an individual with quite as much genuine compassion and love for the work they do as them! They're a joy to hear from, and an overall calming presence to be around in any conditions! Their voice work is also high quality, and you can always tell that they put 110% into whatever they're doing!

  • @joshwilksva

    As a fellow member of Danganronpa: Grad School, Explicit has been one of the most welcoming souls in the project. Always happy to chat to everyone, answer any questions, and incredibly talented to boot. Would massively recommend working with them!

  • @cherrywolfva

    Explicit has been amazing in my short time currently of working on Danganronpa Grad School together! They are very supportive of others and help where they are able to. (Whether that be answering questions, passing around casting calls, ect.) Not only that, they are an amazing voice actor! Definitely can't wait to see how much more they'll grow as a voice actor!

  • @harlangreenborough

    ExplicitCensor auditioned for a small role on a project I was working on. But she delivered a great performance, and she was a standout candidate from the get go.

    But what made her great to work with was that she was friendly, enthusiastic, delivered her lines without delay, and responded quickly to messages from production. These kinds of soft skills make this part of production a breeze.

    I'd work with her again in a second. I'd recommend anyone hire her.

    5 stars.