Kenzie Mayne

Kenzie Mayne

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About Kenzie Mayne

Hello! I'm Kenzie. Canadian voice actress, singer, writer and YouTuber.

I speak English (UK) fluently and I speak French (Canadian) conversationally.

I have been in the Voice Acting community for 5 years now but I have been acting for 8 years, and singing professionally (pubs, community concerts, and theatre) for 11 years now. 

I have been trained to sing Country, Rock, Classical, and Theatre based music. My vocal range is E3 to D5 but I am most comfortable in the Mezzo-Soprano Range.

Please have a look at my socials for more information. 
I'm always available for a chat! 


SRC Music - 2012


Instructed by Brea Lawrenson

$1 USD per-line ($1.25 CAD)


$100 USD per recorded hour ($123.67 CAD)

What Kenzie Mayne is looking for

I will work on any original project but I primarily voice in animation and video games/visual novels.

  • @geekysonic

    I'm currently working alongside Kenzie on an audio drama at the time of writing this. She is dedicated to her talent, which is evident in her work. If you need quality recording from a voice actress, Kenzie is a great candidate to provide.

  • @lovelettermytruefeelings

    Kenzie works for us in both casting and voice over. Her work is not only fast but high quality. She has a versatile voice and an ear for quality. It is truly a pleasure working with her.

    Our project isn't out at this time but will be in the future.

  • @Revenant_Studios

    Really nice person to work with, lines sounded great, they also provided a variety of options for each line making production and everything else way easier. I would definitely recommend them.