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About Dragon Ball Abridged: Goku Time! (Fan Made Parody, Scripted Comedy)

This is our second project, once again being a huge labor of love. Now two years deep in our first project, Mobile Suit Abridged: Gundam Wing, we've now set our sights on expanding our line-up and trying our hand at a different form of comedy. As it stands, MSA: Gundam Wing is a comedy less about silly humor and more about long-con jokes and character centered humor which takes a lot of build up. What interested us in starting a second show was the opportunity to veer more into the silly realm of humor with quotable one liners and more goofy interactions that need less build up.

Taking on a second show will be easy on us on the technical side. Due to our work on MSA: Gundam Wing, our editing has gotten faster and more efficient. The only thing holding us back is that, simply put, we need the right voices. Dragon Ball, unlike Gundam, is far more nationally known. And as such we need voice talent that can really nail a likeness to the English cast that our viewers remember watching. We are searching for online actors to join our team with lots of important roles still available. Any roles cast will be unpaid and solely for experience. Down the line we will eventually hope to pay our actors as a thank you, but as it stands we are unable to monetize our product, due to parody law, and are paying for everything entirely out of pocket. 

This show is an Abridgement of Dragon Ball GT which is a love letter to its source material and aims to shorten and retell the story while making fun of it and reminding the viewer why they liked it in the first place. We aim to make our comedy as open as possible, though, so even those without knowledge of Dragon Ball can find enjoyment in our show. 

Knowledge of Dragon Ball isn't necessary to audition and even land a role. But if you are cast in a role, we will ask that you watch a number of episodes involving your character in order to get a sense for who you're impersonating and how to bring that original personality about in our script. The lines provided for auditions have links to the original lines pulled from the show. We ask that you reenact those lines to the best of your ability, but feel free to be creative with your delivery if you feel it better suits your voice. We want the voices to be recognizable to anyone who watched the original show, but they don't need to be exact carbon copies in most cases. If you have an idea for a character that sounds nothing like the original, please give it a try! We're open to any and all Ideas.

You can see all roles available here http://opmeat.com/GT.html

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We'd love to hear from you!

About the Creator: OPMeat

We are Operation Meatier, or OPMeat, a YouTube channel devoted primarily to our comedy series Mobile Suit Abridged: Gundam Wing. We retell the story of one of our favorite childhood shows with new twists and jokes while still remaining faithful to the source material. Now six episodes in, we're setting our sights on an upcoming second series. We have local voice talent as well as online, and we're looking to expand our online talent as well. Unfortunately any roles we offer will be unpaid solely because the founders of OPMeat are just two brothers paying for everything. As of now, we don't really have the funds for paid roles while we're paying for all expenses on the local side and are currently doing a show that can't be monetized as it is a parody. Hopefully in the future, that will change.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold