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About megthelovabledork

Hello everyone, My names Meg TheLovableDork. But everyone can just call me Meg for short. It is a pleasure to meet you all.  I have been voice acting ever since I was just 14 years old. I'm in my roaring 20's...well 26 to be precise. my range of voices include Kids, Teens, Insane Characters, Valley Girl, Snobby Girls, High Pitched Characters, Matured Adults, And More. my range is always expanding! I always make sure to give it my best. I'm very friendly, very sociable, and very considerate. If there is a mistake I made recording I will fix it right away. Anyway I have been casted for a lot of things, and you might of seen some or even a lot of my audio recordings in projects, Or even heard me before in video games/visual novels/animations (Too Many To List) But I will have lines/scripts in the next day because I am a hard, and very fast worker. Anyway hope you have a fantastic day, and thank you for considering me. 

Last note, I do Also voice act NSFW Projects. but the prices I charge vary with what content is in it. just DM me, ask for my discord, or even ask for my Gmail. 

That's all, have a fantastic day :)


  • @sebas1497

    A talented VA with great range who will make sure she delivers the best performance she can.

  • @nwr-thomas

    A talented VA, she can play any girl character and i highly suggest her.

  • @kenesukun

    Very professional, skilled and a pleasure to work with!

  • @deyoku

    Nice both as a person and a voice actor. She is talented. Was fast when providing the recordings, re-made them if needed. Highly recommending.

  • @vex

    She has recently started voice acting as a character for me fanfic and is very Talented, I recommend her!

  • @deleted175710

    Excellent at portraying different types of characters. She is also superb at getting into the character. I highly recommend her!

  • @seansterva

    Dear sweet, Megsy
    She's cute, loving and the bestest friend and mother in the whole wide world.
    She does amazing voices like all the members of the Momo Squad, Shauna from Seanstermations, Sakura Haruno from Team Zenkai's Naruto Abridged Series and so much more.
    You'll love having her as a voice actor and more importantly a best friend.
    PS: Wuv you, Mommy

  • @boxpai

    Meg, Is a great voice actress, as her husband I always listen too how she does her voice acting. She even gives me lessons when she has the time. I recommend her, and I believe she'll do good in any project's you want her too be in.

  • @deleted192920

    Welp, What can I say? She delivers her lines very well and besides, her voice acting is pretty good, I like how she can pull off multiple voices and all. I would say you guys should hire her lol
    so uh yeah that's all I have to say

  • @skittles_sky13

    She has a wonderful voice and I truly recommend her

  • @mrnate_yt

    she is on my MLP IRL Crew as a voice actor for Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash, she is an amazing voice actor and I'm glad she is apart of my crew

  • @ace16

    The voices she does is incredible as she brings out personality in her roles, I would highly recommend megthelovabledork.

  • @snivygohan

    She was very quick to turn in lines and they were of high quality :D

  • @hubworld23

    She did an A Amazing Job As Peach for My Project that I'm doing...
    Her Audition was Spot n as well. So if you got some free time hire this Great Woman you will not regret it...:)

  • @misseljebel

    Meg is in a few projects of mine: Silverstream in the "Ask the Student Six Dub" and Vanessa in my future visual novel "Aspirations". She is an amazing voice actress! She is very versatile and expressive, and she gets her lines done in a timely manner. Each take she does is so fun, I can tell she really pours her heart and soul into each line she performs. She is a pleasure to work with as well! I highly recommend Meg for any of your projects!

  • @monillaco

    Meg is a talented and affectionate VA to work with. She is currently working with me and 2 other voice actors in a personal project of mind and it nothing but timely, eclectic in her ranges and above all else, very fun to work with.

  • @robomon

    I will like if you try out for Pinkie Pie on this project?

  • @seansterva

    She's a great V.A and a even better friend of mine. She's smart, quirky and a very caring person. Her voice work on a scale of 1-10 would totally be 100 for sure. If your looking for a cute anime girl voice or a divine goddess, then she's the V.A for you.

  • @tobsteryt

    This person was very nice, and stayed active on the project discord. They do great impressions & voices for characters. I look forward to work on the future episodes with them.

  • @tiktikkobold

    We currently haven't finished our project (will update when we do), but as she's starting out and stuff, her enthusiasm and energy is amazing. She is super invested and very approachable!